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    This Guy Allegedly Stole From Sunbathers At The Park Who Turned Out To Be Cops

    Mikaela Kellner said it was the first time she arrested someone while wearing a bikini.

    An off-duty Swedish police officer ​says she was sunbathing with friends in a park when someone tried to steal one of their phones. Here's why that was a very bad idea.

    Some uniformed police officers later showed up to arrest the man. Meanwhile, the photo of Kellner immobilizing him in her bikini is blowing up in Sweden after the Aftonbladet tabloid wrote about it.


    Kellner compared the thief's technique to a magic trick. She said he put a magazine down on their blanket while he was speaking to them, covering the phone he intended to take. Then he sneakily grabbed both as he left.

    "A lot of people get robbed like this,” Kellner said, adding that her main motivation for sharing the photo was to warn others in the park about keeping an eye on their valuables.

    "I never thought it should be this big [of a deal] when I put the picture on my Instagram and Facebook," she said.

    The man was later charged with robbery, Kellner said.

    Kellner, who is also a fitness coach and CrossFit enthusiast, is clearly not someone you should mess with. She said that in her 11 years as a cop, she has arrested many others in the same way. “But I have never done this just in a bikini before. That is quite unusual."

    She said the reaction to her photo of the arrest has been mostly positive, with many people praising her for her quick reaction. But Kellner said there wasn't much to think about.

    “It’s my job," she said. "I’m a police, this is what I do. It was an instinct.”

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