This Disturbing "Supergirl" Poster Being Shared Is A Total Fake

    Not a bird, not a plane, but definitely a fake.

    A lot of people are sharing this fake poster for the next season of Supergirl, which will feature Kara's famous Kryptonian cousin. It hints at a rather, um, inappropriate relationship between the two.

    A lot of people are having a WTF reaction to the poster.

    This person even posted it on the official Supergirl Facebook page to complain: "But... They're cousins!"

    Others are pointing out the importance of copy editors and proofreading.

    Yeah the poster for Superman being on the show Supergirl could have been phrased better.

    The fake poster is based on fan art made by a Tumblr user in anticipation of the new season. This version clearly reads "Superman is coming to Supergirl."