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Penny Oleksiak Really Wants To Get Home And Catch Pokémon

She's still just a regular teen.

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Olympic hero Penny Oleksiak may have just won four medals in Rio — the most any Canadian has ever won at a single Olympics — but now she just wants to get home and play Pokémon.

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The 16-year-old champ spoke with Toronto's KISS 92.5 FM on Monday and said that she's dying to make it back to Canada.

"I just want to get home, see my friends, see my dog, catch some Pokémon," she said.

"I just wanna catch 'em all."

Apparently there aren't enough Pokémon in Rio to keep Oleksiak occupied now that all her events are done.

"There's like none down here," she said.

Oleksiak said she doesn't like wearing all of her medals at once because they get tangled, which is a very cool problem to have. For now, she's just keeping them all tucked away "in some socks" in her hotel room.

Oleksiak also said winning a gold medal is a great way to show up the haters. And since she's about to start Grade 11, she probably has some.

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