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    18 Things That Are Currently More Expensive Than A Barrel Of Alberta Oil

    Start hoarding the stuff.

    Global oil prices are at their lowest point in many years, and Canadian oilsands prices have taken an even greater hit. The price for Western Canada Select oil is currently hovering around $20 per barrel. It's now actually more expensive to buy...

    1. A pre-order of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. / Via

    Price: $28.69

    2. Season 4 of The Six Million Dollar Man on DVD.

    Walmart / Via

    3. A value size bag of dog food.

    4. An extra-large MeatZZa from Domino's.


    5. This snow shovel from Canadian Tire.

    Canadian Tire / Via

    Price: $34.99

    6. This IKEA shelf.

    7. This murder hammer.

    Home Depot / Via

    Price: $52.47

    8. This handmade Duck Dynasty Chia Pet. / Via

    Price: $31.70

    9. More than two heads of cauliflower.

    @lynnecooke99 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lynnecooke99

    Seriously, cauliflower is mad expensive right now.

    10. This Jamie Oliver cheese knife.

    The Bay / Via

    Price: $24.99.

    11. This autographed Jamie Oliver cookbook.

    Ebay / Via

    12. Cosplay footwear.

    Amazon / Via

    This result came up after searching for "erotic slippers" on Amazon, btw.

    13. Worms Armageddon for Nintendo 64.

    Ebay / Via

    Price: $278 CAD. (Totally worth it.)

    14. A box of live worms.

    Ebay / Via

    Price: $36.23 CAD.

    15. A gallon of lube. / Via


    16. This $500 book on lubricants and lubrication. / Via

    Bonus: The book is not bigger than a typical human torso, as the publisher helpfully illustrates.

    17. Any amount of printer ink whatsoever.

    Staples / Via

    This stuff is basically liquid gold.

    18. An actual barrel. / Via

    Even the smallest one starts at $85.

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