Jan. 9, 2018

    People Are Boycotting Tim Hortons With #NoTimmiesTuesday


    People are boycotting Tim Hortons to protest cuts to worker benefits following the raise in Ontario's minimum wage to $14 an hour.

    People are going to competitors and letting Tim Hortons know they disapprove.

    "Make every day #notimmiestuesday"

    Make every day #notimmiestuesday #boycottTimHortons

    People are also going to indie shops instead.

    #NoTimmiesTuesday Picked up a coffee and lovely muffin from my local independent coffee shop, Caffe Misto.

    "The company's greed has encouraged me to spend that money on independents instead," this person tweeted.

    I buy at least one large coffee a day @TimHortons. That means I spend a minimum of $730 a year at the chain. The co… https://t.co/LnboJddKMr

    This shop in Ontario is even offering deals as part of the boycott campaign.

    People are pretty mad.

    #notimmiestuesday I won't be going to #TimHortons anymore because if the way they are treating their employees post minimum wage hike 😡

    A petition telling Tim Hortons locations to "stop attacking your workers" has also gathered thousands of signatures.

    Tim Hortons has called out franchise owners who have cut employee benefits as a response to the minimum wage hike, saying in a statement this week that "the actions of a reckless few" do not "reflect the values of our brand."

    The company said that while the wage increase was challenging for many franchise owners, employees should "never be used to further an agenda or be treated as just an 'expense.' This is completely unacceptable."

    BuzzFeed Canada reached out to Tim Hortons for comment.

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