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This Newfoundland High School Just Won Halloween

We can declare a winner for Halloween 2017.

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There's "liking to get dressed up," and then there's this Canadian high school, which totally went bananas for Halloween.

Teachers and students at Holy Spirit High in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, really went above and beyond. Here are the science teachers in their best Elf on the Shelf costumes.

Check out this amazing Price Is Right group costume.

Snow White and all seven dwarfs made an appearance.

Snow White with her dwarfs! Guess which one Mr Kearney is.

Group costumes were definitely a thing.

Also, some excellent Arthur memes.

These teachers all wanted to be Princess Leia.

Would someone please tell Mr Locke and Mr Flynn to change. There can only be one Princess Leia

Social butterflies...get it?

Everyone at this school deserves bonus marks for creativity.

But the absolute winners of Halloween are these math teachers — WHO WENT AS A ROLLERCOASTER!

How friggin' cool is this?

Congrats, Holy Spirit High.

Super Mario! The English dept is ready to play!

You totally killed it!

The costumes in the school are outstanding!

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