Here's How Much Smaller The Netflix Library Is In Canada Compared To The U.S.

    We're 48th! We're 48th!

    Canadians loooooove to complain about their Netflix service — so much so that even the company's CEO has said we "harbour constant insecurities" about what we're getting.

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    Well, it turns out Canadians do have some reason to complain.

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    The website AllFlicks, which tracks what's available in different international Netflix editions, crunched the numbers to find the size of each country's content library.

    Unsurprisingly, the U.S. has the largest Netflix library with more than 5,000 titles. By comparison, Canada only has 3,434 titles. That's about 32% less stuff!

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    Canada has a smaller library than countries including Bermuda, Haiti, and Cuba.

    At least we're doing better than the United Kingdom, which has fewer than 3,000 titles, although Britons also have great streaming options like the BBC iPlayer that Canadians can't access. 😞

    Many people on Reddit suggested the smaller content library in Canada came down to big cable companies like Bell and Rogers buying up all the rights.

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    The Canadian telecoms have even bought the rights to HBO and Amazon shows, which means that HBO Go and Amazon Prime streaming likely won't be coming to Canada anytime soon either.

    But hey, at least Canada will be the only country where you can watch Star Wars The Force Awakens on Netflix. That's something, right? RIGHT?

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    Yeah, we know.

    Read more about AllFlicks' rankings at, and see the full list here.

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