The CEO Of Netflix Thinks We Have An Inferiority Complex About Netflix Canada

    He thinks we should appreciate what we've got.

    Every Canadian is born with the inalienable right to complain about the second-rate service we get from some American companies. Near the top of the list for our griping is Canadian Netflix, which makes our nation pine for the U.S. version.

    But Netflix CEO Reed Hastings thinks we don't appreciate what we've got. In a major Wired feature about his company, he says Canadians "harbor constant insecurities" about our version of the service.

    Now, some Americans find our insecurities pretty funny. This is because they have never found the perfect item online, only to discover that shipping will cost USD $74 and take 6 weeks.

    And we do get the new season of Trailer Park Boys.

    But, hey, Netflix is always adding new titles up here, right? Just recently it added a new show that is literally just a bunch of video test patterns.

    So, really, what's your problem, Canada?