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    Everyone In Canada Made The Same Joke About Melania Trump's RNC Speech

    "Margaret Wente is trending."

    Melania Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention on Monday and part of her speech appeared to be plagiarized from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at the Democratic convention.

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    As happens whenever plagiarism is in the news, many Canadians immediately thought of Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente, who has her own history of borrowing material from others.

    Globe and Mail

    "Did Margaret Wente write Melania Trump's speech?" everyone asked at once.

    Did anyone check to see if Margaret Wente wrote Melania Trump's speech?

    I knew it was a mistake for Melania Trump to hire Margaret Wente as her speechwriter!

    Because even though Wente has been caught multiple times using other people's work without proper attribution, she still has her job at Canada's newspaper of record.

    Did Margaret Wente write Melania's speech? Just wondering.

    And Canadians...

    Is Margaret Wente speechwriting for Melania Trump?

    ...are never...

    Margaret Wente apologizes for writing Melania Trump's speech #RNCinCLE

    ...going to miss an opportunity...

    Demonstrates Trump's poor judgement getting Margaret Wente to write Melania's speech. bring it up.

    Awaiting word that #MelaniaTrump 's speechwriter is Margaret Wente.

    At least Margaret Wente is still influential enough for her name to trend on Twitter.

    Hahaha. "Margaret Wente" is trending in Canada and apparently it's only because of Melania Trump jokes. Sometimes Twitter is the best.

    Even if it's for the wrong reasons.

    Good lord. "Margaret Wente" is trending because somebody else plagiarized something.

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