Hayao Miyazaki Shut This Guy Down Over His CGI Animation And It Was Brutal

    "It is an insult to life itself."

    Hayao Miyazaki was "utterly disgusted" with computer-generated animation of zombie movements, saying it was "an insult to life itself."

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    The legendary filmmaker's harsh response was caught on camera as part of a documentary series about his latest animation project, according to Tokyo Reporter.

    The episode aired in Japan in mid-November, but the clip is only going viral now after it was posted to the r/cringe subreddit.

    Here's video of Miyazaki's brutal criticism.

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    Miyazaki reportedly intends to use some CGI elements in his next film. But when presented with an artificial intelligence project, in which grotesque humanoid forms crawl around by using their heads like feet, Miyazaki said he wanted nothing to do with it.

    He described a friend living with a disability for whom even a high five takes tremendous effort, and said anyone who created disturbing images like the zombie figures "has no idea what pain is."

    His comments were addressed to Nobuo Kawakami, the head of the Japanese media company Dwango, and his team.

    "I would never wish to incorporate this technology into my work at all," Miyazaki told them as the life force slowly leaked out of them.

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    Reaction to the video has been split. Many people are applauding Miyazaki for saying no to "dehumanizing, virtual bullshit."

    Hayao Miyazaki doesn't have time for your dehumanizing, virtual bullshit. The greatest thing I've seen in 2016. Via… https://t.co/zOQAntJEwz

    Others feel really bad for the animators, who just wanted to show Miyazaki a cool project they'd been working on.

    chuckled slightly at the miyazaki video, not gonna say much but MAN do I feel bad for those guys who were so excited to show him their stuff

    Here's how one redditor summed up Miyazaki's reaction: "He animates characters from a point of empathy."

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    "What he's saying is that movement for movement's sake isn't interesting to him because it doesn't take into consideration who the character is. It's all surface level."

    Miyazaki might also be too skeptical of technological innovation, this person said.

    We should cherish the now, but we can't deny the future, nor can we thwart developmental efforts. Should we be careful and considerate? Yes.

    At least we can all agree on one thing, though.

    NHK / Via youtube.com

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