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16 Heartwarming Photos Of Refugees In Canada Going Curling For The First Time

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1. Dozens of recent refugees to Canada went curling for the first time this week — and they had a blast.

Mark Blinch / Reuters

The refugees now calling Canada home come from all over: Syria, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere.

A big group of them grabbed their brooms at the Royal Canadian Curling Club in Toronto on Wednesday to try their hands at one of Canada's most iconic winter sports.

2. They were there thanks to the Together Project, which matches government-sponsored refugees with Canadians who can help support them as they get their bearings in a new country.

Mark Blinch / Reuters

Together Project director Anna Hill said curling was a great way to get the newcomers more familiar with Canada.

"Curling is a fantastic, very Canadian winter sport, and we thought that they might be interested in learning about winter sports in Canada since we have quite a long winter here," she told Reuters.


12. Some of the refugees were very new to Canada. This 11-year-old originally from Sri Lanka had just arrived in the country two weeks earlier.


Arun Daniel told The Canadian Press he had his reservations at first.

"When I see it on TV, I thought it was boring really but then when I really do it, it's so hard," he said. "And plus it's fun when you always fail and you really have to try again, I feel so fun doing it."