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This Guy Wrote An Angry Note Literally Telling Pokémon Players To Get Off His Lawn

"Sounds like someone has a case of the Pokemondays."

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Well, one person is fighting the tide of madness and telling people to snap out of it. "Get a life and stay out of my yard," read a sign posted outside a Vancouver apartment building earlier this month.

James Douglas Roy / Via Twitter: @royjdoug

The writer called Pokémon Go "by far the stupidest thing I have ever seen," and even provided examples of things he had "lived through" that, according to him, didn't compare to the stupidity of this latest craze.

The list includes Hammer pants, Crystal Pepsi, the Macarena, and "ten seasons of CSI: Miami." 😂

"There is a bar up the street and around the corner. Go there, have a beer, and seriously think about your life choices," the note said.


James Douglas Roy, the man who posted the note, told BuzzFeed Canada he grew frustrated by the crowds of smartphone-clutching Pokémasters trying to get into the garden behind his building.

James Douglas Roy

"No one actually got over the gate but they kept asking," Roy said over Facebook chat. "They were NOT kids."

Roy said it was a real nuisance until he put the sign up and people stopped bothering tenants as much. He also suspects that whatever was drawing people to his building had moved on, though he also admits he's never played Pokémon and has no real understanding of the game.

"They say Pokémon is captured and gone now or something? I don't get this game or understand anything about this thing," he said.

A photo of Roy's sign blew up on Facebook after local media outlets posted it. It's gotten at least 30,000 shares just on the page for The Peak radio station.

Many others, though, defended Pokémon Go as encouraging people to exercise and get outside.

The Peak / Facebook / Via Facebook: thepeak

"All I know is I've walked over 9 hours in the past two days with my 10 year old looking for these little Pokemon, and we've had the best time ever!"

There was generally very limited sympathy for Roy. This comment on Reddit pretty much says it all: "Sounds like someone has a case of the Pokemondays."

OLM, Inc. / Via

Roy said he wasn't really attacking the game, just the people "trying to play it in my garden."

As for whether he's at all curious to try playing the game himself, Roy was emphatic.

"GOD NO!" he said. "Why?!?!"

"Passing fad."

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