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    People Thought Peter Mansbridge Was A Total Debbie Downer During The Opening Ceremony

    *sad trombone sound*

    CBC's coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony was led by Scott Russell and Peter Mansbridge. And for a lot of people, Mansbridge was a huuuuuge downer.

    1. He seemed prepared with as many depressing facts as possible.

    I swear, Peter Mansbridge must spend months researching the most depressing facts about each country.

    2. Really prepared.

    Peter Mansbridge really bringing down the mood here with his cache of depressing facts about every country.

    3. Seriously, just relentless.

    Enjoying the ceremonies - just wish Mansbridge would shut up. Like a grouchy old man - nothing positive to say....

    4. Did he even want to be in Rio?

    @petermansbridge #CBCOlympics does mansbridge want to be in Rio? Rio? He appears incapable of finding anything positive say.

    5. Jesus.

    Oh man, CBC's Pete Mansbridge is chiming in with the most awkward colour commentary for us. "This guy is the brother of a terrorist?" Jeeze.

    6. Maybe it was just the newsman in him.

    Peter Mansbridge calls it how he sees it. He sees most of it as being really bad. #OpeningCeremony

    7. Or maybe he's losing his touch?

    You can tell Peter Mansbridge is getting old.Sounds like an old man sitting on a veranda who thinks all the kids on the street are on drugs.

    8. Was everyone else at the CBC unavailable, or...

    Based on that ceremony, Peter Mansbridge does not like sports, inflection or being alive, so he was a great choice for colour commentary.

    9. Although not everyone hated it.


    10. Maybe he just needed a Red Bull.

    Peter Mansbridge & Scott Russell r getting tired and starting to make some dumb comments. Also talking 2 much about poltics #OpeningCeremony

    11. Because yikes.

    Love my country. Canada is VERY mad at Peter Mansbridge for calling Gisele "Mrs. Tom Brady". Women shouldn't be defined by their husbands!


    Peter Mansbridge on the Refugee Team: "Well, they probably won't win a single medal" WAY TO BE A WET BLANKET, MY FRIEND

    13. Overall, people were not amused by Mansbridge's attitude.

    14. Then again, it's probably not an easy gig.

    Alright nitpickers, YOU try sitting in a Zika hot-box thinking up 2 hours of facts about countries besides "The Dutch once conquered them"

    Peter Mansbridge, basically.