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Donald Trump Says He Won't Build A Wall Along The Canadian Border

So what's Scott Walker's problem?

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A CBC reporter caught up with Trump at the rally and asked him about his plans for America's northern border.

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"I would not build a wall on the Canadian border," Trump told the CBC's Meagan Fitzpatrick.

Trump didn't seem particularly interested in saying much more about America's Hat, but he did offer a final quote: "I love Canada."

This year the idea of a wall along the Canadian border unexpectedly became part of the Republican presidential campaign.

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently suggested that building a wall to the north is "a legitimate issue" to consider, which is weird because the border is already very well guarded.

(He has since walked back that statement.)


How much would a border wall cost?

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The Toronto Star crunched the numbers and figured it would cost more than $18 billion USD to build one along the entire U.S.-Canada border. That would cost closer to $24 billion CAD.

Trump launched his campaign in June with a controversial speech in which he said Mexico was "sending" rapists and drug traffickers to the U.S. as undocumented immigrants. Since then he has been vocal about wanting to build a wall along the entire 3,100-kilometre border with Mexico.

It's nice to know a President Trump won't want to build such a barrier between friendly neighbours, although a President Trump certainly makes the wall a much more appealing idea for many Canadians.

If Donald Trump becomes president, Canada should build a wall at the Canada-US border, even if Donald Trump won't

If he becomes president i guess we'll have to build our own.

Donald Trump says if elected he would not build a wall between US and Canada. Canada says "If you're elected, please do."

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