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    19 Secret Confessions That Show How People Really Feel About Canada's Refugee Plan

    "Stopping refugees will not stop terrorism."

    The Canadian government says it's committed to bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada before the end of 2015. Here's how Canadians feel about the plan, compiled with help from our friends at Whisper.

    1. Some people are uneasy about refugees.


    3. Others are pushing back against the haters.


    5. This person vowed to defend their backyard.

    6. And this person wants to focus on the needy already in Canada.

    7. Many people are worried about refugees after the Paris attacks.


    9. But not everyone sees the two as connected.



    12. Some say the prime minister is making a mistake.


    14. Or they worry about the economy.

    15. Is it racist to oppose refugee resettlement in Canada?


    17. A lot of people want Canada to be more compassionate.


    19. And this person is quitting Canada altogether.

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