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This Canadian Cop Admitted He Pulled A Couple Over For Being Annoyed With His Driving

“If you’re gonna try to do that to uniformed police cars, expect that response."

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A Kelowna cop admitted on camera he only pulled a couple over because they were annoyed with his driving.

Shawn Michaelz / Via Facebook

The RCMP in Kelowna is investigating what happened during the traffic stop in which the unidentified officer said he got “mad” when the passenger threw his hands up in frustration at the cop's slow left turn at a traffic light.

Shawn Michaelz, the passenger in the vehicle, uploaded a video of the exchange to his Facebook page, where it has been viewed almost 200,000 times since Monday.

"We are waiting to turn left at an intersection with our signal light on and a cop is approaching us in the oncoming lane very slowly. We had enough time to make the turn at the speed he was going, but he had the right-of-way of course, so we waited and at the last second he turns left.

I throw my hands up in the air in the passenger seat of the vehicle and the cop gets mad and pulls a U-turn in the intersection to pull us over."

The officer told Michaelz and his girlfriend (who did not wish to be identified for this article) that he only instigated the traffic stop after they reacted with exasperation to his slow driving.

"I'm doing my job, I'm looking for a license plate and I look down at my screen, and I may have lost track of where I was on the road. Fair enough."

When asked in the video by Michaelz if that didn't constitute distracted driving, the officer reacted by ordering an inspection of the vehicle.

"You wanna pot-shot me by saying I'm a distracted driver when I'm doing my job. ... OK you wanna see my job? Wait right here, I'll get a traffic member and we'll check your car."

Shawn Michaelz / Via FB

The RCMP officer denied he was "picking on" the couple, but admitted he only stopped them because he had thrown his hands up in frustration.

"If you're gonna try to do that to uniformed police cars, expect that response," he said. "I'm just telling you flat out."

"In 20 years of doing the job, I don't get mad. And you were able to make me mad," the officer told them.

Michaelz, who lives in Edmonton, said they didn't get a ticket because "we started kissing his ass — that's all he wanted."

The local RCMP detachment told KelownaNow they would conduct a "full investigation" to determine if the officer's conduct was "appropriate."

Watch the full video:

Shawn Michaelz / Via Facebook: shawn.michaelz

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