This TikToker Parodied Joe's Internal Monologues In "You" And I Can’t Stop Laughing Because Of How Accurate They Are

    "Everyone on this platform has toes, but 'you' chose to step on mine."

    Even if you've just watched one episode of You, a gloriously messy and dark Netflix series starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, you'll have noticed the main character's long internal monogues.

    Throughout the series, they offer an insight into Joe's mind, as he justifies and rationalises his often disturbing and creepy actions.

    In fact, they dominate so much of the dialogue that it can be hard to forget that he's not actually saying any of this out loud.

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    Remember when Netflix released clips without Joe's internal monologues and it was just these long, creepy silences?

    Enter David Larbi, a musician and TikToker who's gone viral for his spot-on recreations of Joe's voiceovers in You.

    In his first video parodying Joe, which was posted soon after Season 3 of You dropped and has already amassed over six million views, David sports Joe's trademark cap and hoodie.


    This is legit all it takes for this guy to start moving mad😭 #you #younetflix #joeisunhinged

    ♬ original sound - David Larbi
    It's his invisibility cloak, lol. 

    It starts off with an off-camera female voice saying "Good morning", which prompts Joe's (aka David's) internal monologue to start spiralling out of control.

    Like seriously, the only person that would consider a friendly "Good morning" to mean "I'm interested in you" would have to be Joe Goldberg.

    Since the success of his initial video, David has followed this up with several TikToks featuring Joe in a number of new situations. For example, we have him lusting over someone working in a cafe.


    Did I take a hat to breakfast just for this part 2? Maybe #you #younetflix #joeisunhinged

    ♬ original sound - David Larbi

    As well as returning someone's keys while on a walk, but not before sneaking a peek at their address.


    Joe be like "Keys open doors and it seems you've opened yours, to me..." #you #younetflix #joeisunhinged

    ♬ original sound - David Larbi

    Oh, and Joe at a thrift store, because he's definitely the type to eschew major corporations and loves a bargain.


    Thrifting & true love - Joe loves a bargain #you #younetflix #joeisunhinged

    ♬ original sound - David Larbi

    And, my personal favourite, Joe at the train station — who somehow thinks that someone stepping on his toes is a deliberate flirting technique.


    You wanted my attention at a train station? That tracks... #you #younetflix #joeisunhinged

    ♬ original sound - David Larbi

    Now, I don't know about you, but I can't stop laughing at these TikToks. While the internal monologue is creepy, it's David's delivery of Joe's mannerisms (THE SHIFTY EYES!) and way of thinking that makes this recreation so spot-on and hilarious. And it turns out that I'm not the only one who thinks this.

    BuzzFeed reached out to David, who said he was inspired to make this series of TikToks after binge-watching the latest season of You.

    "I was struck by how much Joe's monologues make the show and wanted to parody them. I've been doing mini TikTok sketches for awhile, so the 'scripts' didn't take too long."

    On his thoughts about Joe's behaviour versus the internet's thirsty perception of him, David said: "Joe is a very dangerous character because he was hugely traumatised as a child and never processed that trauma."

    "Because of that, he genuinely believes in his own crimes and manipulation — and the show does a great job of highlighting how dangerous people can be without appearing so on the surface."

    Shoutout to David for nailing his parody of Joe from You. Be sure to follow him on TikTok and Instagram.

    He also mentioned that he's always on standby if the writers of You need any help with Season 4!