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Can You Pass A Year 12 Geography Exam?

I'm already sweating and I haven't even looked at the first question.

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FYI — like all multiple choice tests, make sure you select the one that is most correct.

  1. An urban village is best described as a distinctive residential district consisting of a clustering of people who...

  2. An area of 25 hectares in a forest is to be cleared.
    Which biogeographical process would be most likely to result from this clearing initially?

  3. A government plans to relocate its offices away from the city centre and is encouraging higher density residential estates in the suburbs. Which combination of urban dynamics does this represent?

  4. Which of the following shows a combination of political factors that influence the nature
    and spatial patterns of global economic activity?

  5. Which of the following lists contains ONLY biogeographical processes operating in

  6. An informal economy develops in response to the challenge of employment in a mega
    city in the developing world. What type of response is this?

  7. A woodland area has been affected by extensive agriculture. In the last 60 years, 37 native species have become extinct.

    Which of the following management strategies could be used to minimise further loss of

  8. Which combination of tools can be used to investigate the rate of erosion in an area over

  9. Which of the following terms best describes the relationship between people and the
    environment and the effect they have on each other?

  10. A council requires rooftop and vertical gardens to be installed on all new commercial
    buildings. What is the council aiming to achieve?

  11. A government has imposed an import quota on all agricultural products to
    address declining domestic employment in the primary sector.

    Which combination of factors is most likely to have been responsible for the introduction
    of the quota?

  12. Early Indigenous artefacts have been discovered in a national park. Protecting the area where the artefacts were discovered would help maintain...

  13. Which of the following terms is used to describe where things are and why they are

  14. An agricultural industry has started using chemicals to manage a pest infestation. Which of the following is a possible outcome due to sociocultural influences?

  15. A geographer is visiting a regional centre to investigate the impact of counterurbanisation. Which of the following techniques would be most useful in gathering primary data for this investigation?

  16. Which type of map uses shaded or patterned areas to illustrate themes?

  17. Which of the following terms includes the concepts of location, spatial organisation,
    spatial differentiation and distribution?

  18. Which of the following best describes the term "exurbanisation"?

  19. Which of the following identifies TWO urban dynamics of change?

  20. What is the best use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?

Questions were taken from previous HSC Geography exams, available on the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

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