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Updated on 16 Jan 2020. Posted on 16 Jan 2020

Everyone's Personality Matches A Character From "Revenge" — Who Are You?

If I don't get Nolan, I'm gonna sue.

Bob D'Amico / ABC
  1. Pick a word to describe yourself.

  2. Pick a beach house vibe that fits your aesthetic.

  3. You're throwing a party that one of your close friends is attending. During the night, you get wind that they've betrayed you big time. What do you do?

  4. Pick a signature cocktail that you can't live without.

  5. Pick a field to work in.

  6. It's late at night and you're slightly tipsy. You stumble upon a tattoo shop and decide to get a piece done. What do you pick?

  7. And lastly, it's Friday night and you've had a long week. What are your plans?

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