Aussies Are Sharing Social Etiquette Cues That Are Unique To Australian Culture And It's Actually Really Interesting

    Flashing your headlights to warn other motorists that there's cops ahead is quintessentially Australian.

    You may have seen this BuzzFeed post talking about "unspoken rules" of American culture. It generated a whole lot of chatter, which made me think about everyday cultural habits that exist in Australia (aka where I'm based).

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    So, I decided to ask our Aussie Facebook community for what they considered to be the "unspoken rules" of Australian culture. Here's what they said!

    1. Raising your index finger and nodding when someone gives way for you while driving.

    2. Purposely not sitting next to someone when the train or bus you're on is full of empty seats.

    3. Flashing your car headlights at oncoming cars to warn them that police are ahead.

    4. Bringing your own alcohol when invited to a party.

    5. And on that, leaving whatever drinks you bought and didn't drink for the rest of the group when you head off.

    6. Asking for an amount of something at the deli — and no matter how much it weighs, saying "That'll do, thanks."

    7. Using the most foul insults as terms of endearment for the people you love.

    8. Letting a person with a few items in the grocery store line go first if you have a trolley load.

    9. Replying with "oi, oi, oi" anytime someone in the vicinity yells "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie".

    10. Cleaning your BBQ with beer.

    11. Letting at least one person in while cars are trying to merge into the lane you're in while driving.

    12. Saying "Hello cockie!" to every random cockatoo that you see.

    13. Always returning a shout that you've been given at a pub, club or bar.

    14. Embellishing everything for tourists — including stereotypes and the myth of drop bears.

    15. Learning how to run in thongs.

    16. Greeting every person you meet by saying "Fuckin' hot, isn't it?" when the temperature is above 30C.

    17. Or, if the temperature dips below 20C: "Fuck, it's cold."

    18. Calling a mate by a shortened version of their first name e.g. Macca, Robbo, Davvo.

    19. Yelling "Start, you bastard!" if the lawnmower doesn't start on the third pull.

    20. Putting the bins out in your boxers or PJs just as the collection trucks start coming down the street.

    21. Never starting a round of drinks without first doing a cheers.

    22. Saying "Yeah mate, of course it is!" during conversations — even if you have no clue what your friend is talking about.

    23. Responding with "nice chat", "good talk" or "I'll go fuck myself then" when someone doesn't reply to you.

    24. Staying in the left lane while driving unless you're overtaking someone.

    25. Turning around when someone yells "Oi, cunt!" — whether it's at you or not.

    26. Pointing out someone your friend dislikes and referring to that person as "your mate".

    27. Offering your trolley to someone who doesn't have a coin for the bloody things.

    28. Trying not to make eye contact with eshays at the train station.

    29. Having a hot chook and dinner rolls when your parents can't be assed to cook dinner.

    30. Saying "She'll be right!" when things will definitely not be alright.

    31. Celebrating public holidays by getting shit-faced at the pub.

    32. Calling people you don't know the name of "old mate".

    33. Yelling "FUCK OFF!" while swiping annoying flies away.

    34. Going one-for-one with cars when two lanes are merging into one.

    35. Offering guests a cuppa or bevvy when they come over.

    36. Saying "Hear that? They're laughing at you, you dickhead!" to your mate when the kookaburras start up. 

    37. Calling out "TAXI!" when your mate spills or drops their drink.

    38. Being told to "fend for yourself" on nights that your parents would go out.

    39. Offering your parking receipt with time left on it to someone who's just pulled into a park.

    40. Yelling "Nice fucking indicator, mate!" when someone doesn't indicate on the roads.

    41. Singing "Hey Baby" with the crowd while leaving a music festival. 

    42. Waving to whomever passes you while driving on a country road.

    43. Assembling on the dance floor and performing the Nutbush dance whenever "Nutbush City Limits" by Tina Turner comes on in the club.

    44. Pointing out someone who is weird and saying: "They're a bit, 'Hey, how ya going.'"

    45. And lastly, telling your taxi or Uber driver to "Just drop us anywhere along here, mate".

    What are some other "unspoken rules" of Australian culture that aren't on this list?

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