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People Are Sharing “Unspoken Rules” Of American Culture And I Honestly Agree With Most Of Them

"It’s the most expensive ride you will ever take and it can ruin people financially for years."

Being an American, there are plenty of things that I do (and I'm sure you do too) without giving it much thought — such as tipping wait staff or not standing on top of the person who is standing in line in front of me at the post office.

I never really thought about these everyday cultural habits until I stumbled upon a Reddit thread discussing American culture. Redditor u/firebullmonkey asked the question, "People from the US, what‘s a no-go in American culture?" and the responses made me nod my head in agreement. Here are some of them.

1. "Do NOT get out of the car to greet the officer if you're pulled over by a cop. Stay in the car and let the officer come to you. If you need to reach for something like your license, tell the cop you are doing so before you do it."

An up-close picture of blurry police car lights

2. "Not often mentioned but Americans like personal space. Leave room between you and the person you're speaking to or lining up behind."


3. "Never cut in line. I saw that a lot in Europe."

People standing on line outside waiting to go into a building

4. "Politics...don't ever EVER bring up politics."


5. "Unless it is a clear and dire emergency, you ask someone if they need an ambulance before you call for one. It’s the most expensive taxi you will ever take and it can ruin most people financially for years."

An ambulance outside of a hospital's emergency room

6. "Do NOT hitchhike. It is not safe here."


7. "You have to tip if you go to a dine-in/takeout restaurant. You don't have to tip Subway or Pizza Hut or any other national franchise restaurant like that."

The exterior of a Subway store

8. "Americans may be friendly in passing, but that doesn't mean we want to take you home and be best friends. We tend to be called fake a lot, but we make an effort to be nice — especially while working at customer service jobs."


9. "Reusing the same plate when you go up for a second round at the buffet. You've got to get a new one."

A man filling up his plate at a buffet

10. "Be careful not to trespass on private property."


11. "Conversations about religion, politics, or other personal beliefs. It will most likely devolve into one person trying to convince another that their viewpoint is correct and that the listener is wrong."

12. "When dining out, the waiter comes to you. It is considered rude to call the waiter over."

A waiter's hands and apron showing their notepad and pen

13. "Walking places in the suburbs or smaller cities. It's dangerous and you'll be seen as suspicious. I've had friends get towed because they parked in front of one store and then walked across the street to another."


14. "Talking about your salary. Talking about someone’s weight. Driving too slow in the left hand lane."

A stack of $100 bills laid out

15. "Don’t call someone’s house 'homely' in America. Out here it’s an insult."


16. "In the south, you might get your ass kicked for honking your horn."

A close up image of a hand honking a car horn

17. "One thing I can say is that many Americans aren't afraid of confrontation. A lot of them will be nice as a formality, just to get to know you and be a good neighbor but they wont shy away from talking shit if it comes down to it."


Do you know of any American "rules" that aren't on this list? Tell me in the comments below!

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