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    Here Are The Top 10 Trendiest Destinations From Around The World

    Guess it's time to start planning a holiday.

    If you're anything like me, you desperately need — okay, more so want — a holiday.

    But planning one is hard! Even though there's inspiration all around (hello, Instagram), it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect spot to travel to.

    Well, to help with that, Tripadvisor have released the winners of the 2020 Traveller's Choice Destination Awards, including the top 10 trending cities that have seen the biggest spikes in positive reviews and ratings. Here are the ones that made the cut!

    10. Krakow, Poland

    9. Tel Aviv, Israel

    8. Zakynthos, Greece

    7. Da Nang, Vietnam

    6. Lombok, Indonesia

    5. Gramado, Brazil

    4. Porto Seguro, Brazil

    3. Porto, Portugal

    2. Luzon, Philippines

    1. Kochi (Cochin), India

    BRB, booking a holiday to one of these places ASAP.