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Australians Are Judging Tom Hanks After He Posted A Picture Of His Vegemite Toast

"Life is like a tube of Vegemite. Don't try it all at once."

In case you didn't already know, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus while filming in Australia.

Before you freak out, don't worry — the pair are doing just fine. In fact, Tom shared this very Australian photo to his socials last night, captioned: "Thanks to the Helpers. Let's take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx."

Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx

Vegemite toast, a lil' koala and a kangaroo holding the Oz flag???? Excuse me, this is too cute, Mr Hanks.

But if you're Australian, you've probably noticed something very wrong with this photo — aka the very THICK layer of Vegemite.

Yep, like the majority of Americans, Tom has made the mistake of layering on Vegemite, when it should be used SPARINGLY.

Like me, a lot of Australians were, well, shook at the amount of Vegemite on said toast.

@tomhanks Gee, that’s a lot of Vegemite..

@tomhanks okay you need to scrape around 60% of that vegemite off, otherwise it's gonna be nasty and hurt your mouth friend.

@tomhanks Too much vegemite there! You need to spread a bit more thinly otherwise you’ll overdose

@tomhanks Tom, I mean this with all the respect and love in the world, but that is too much Vegemite.

@mjrowland68 @tomhanks I think the expression on the kangaroos face says it all. That is genuine alarm and concern.

@tomhanks Tom, from a life-long Australian vegemite connoisseur, you are seriously overdosing on the stuff, but hey, if it helps kill that bug, go for it.

@tomhanks 'Life is like a tube of Vegemite. Don't try it all at once.'

@tomhanks Tom listen, no Australia feeds someone this amount of vegemite on toast. It has to be three parts salted butter one part vegemite... who did this to you?!?

And just in case you didn't know, this is the correct way everyone should be applying their Vegemite.

@tomhanks Dear Mr Hanks, Re: Use of Vegemite.⬇️

@tomhanks Tom. What are you doing? No Australian puts that much vegemite on their toast.

Although there were some doubters, who prefer their Vegemite spread the "Tom Hanks" way.

@tomhanks this is the perfect amount of vegemite, anyone who says otherwise is wrong

@tomhanks Bold, appropriate Vegemite spreading mate. You’ll be fine.

In conclusion: Tom, we love you, mate — but next time, go easy on the Vegemite application. You'll love it a whole lot more.

And if you ever need someone to coach you and Rita through it, I'm right here — just saying. 👀