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    18 Things You'll Only Understand If You're WFH But Live With Your Parents

    When will this double nightmare end?!

    1. At first, you relish the concept of working from home because it means sleeping in, the freedom to dress in your PJs all day and no pesky coworkers bothering you.

    2. But all of that quickly changes when you realise that your parents will also be home all day, everyday for the next couple of months as everyone self-isolates.

    3. They start walking into your room to check up on you and ask a billion random questions.

    4. And sometimes they'll even bring you a cup of tea or some fruit — which is nice, but it's always when you're trying really hard to concentrate on something and don't want ANY distractions.

    5. Then there are those awkward moments when they've burst in during an important video meeting — even though your door was CLEARLY closed.

    6. You then set some ground rules, like no disturbances until lunchtime or after work is done for the day.

    7. But that doesn't stop them from poking their heads through at 5 p.m. on the dot, asking if you've finished and if they can come in.

    8. Your parents start cooking at odd hours.

    9. And if you come from a brown family, that means the pressure cooker is going off non-stop, which is very, very, VERY distracting and loud.

    10. Nice lunchtime chats often turn into a full-on nag sesh.

    11. And it's usually about one of four topics: Your diet, your amount of screen time, the state of the house or something they saw on the news.

    12. They don't understand the concept of ~office hours~ and will often ask you to run errands or help out with something.

    13. Which also ties in with the assumption that you haven't been "productive" because "you've been sitting in a chair all day".

    14. Besides your daily afternoon stroll, you can never escape them or the endless amount of chores they make you do.

    15. Which somehow becomes more pressing on the weekends — aka the precious couple of days where you want to do absolutely nothing.

    16. The worst part is when they wake up early — which they CHOOSE to do — but then decide to include you in this, robbing you of a perfectly good lie-in.

    17. All in all, they continue to treat you like a child, which results in you reverting back to being an angsty teen.

    18. But at the end of the day, self-isolation would be pretty lonely without them — so you're thankful for both of your parents being there and supporting you.