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    Here's What The Cast Of "Teen Wolf" Is Doing 10 Years After The Show Aired

    "My heart lies and dies with Teen Wolf."

    Over the weekend, the cast of Teen Wolf took to social media to share memories, BTS pictures and thank fans in honour of the show hitting its 10 year anniversary.

    Released in 2011, Teen Wolf started off as a slightly camp, teen show that had the added bonus of werewolves. But over its six season run, the series evolved into something so much more than that.

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    It had heart, it seamlessly blended serious scenes with comic relief and it showed off just how brilliant and talented the cast were β€” which is most likely why Teen Wolf continues to have such a legacy to this date.


    Remember the void Stiles storyline? That still gives me chills because Dylan O'Brien was just *so* good in that.

    So in honour of that, let's take a look back at the cast in their first episode, their last episode and what they look like now.

    Tyler Posey as Scott McCall

    MTV / @tylerposey / Via

    Then: Tyler played Scott McCall, a good-natured and kind-hearted teenager (turned alpha werewolf) who always wanted to do the right thing and protect his friends.

    Now: After Teen Wolf, Tyler has had roles in Jane The Virgin, Scream: Resurrection, Truth Or Dare, The Last Summer and Fast & Furious Spy Racers. He's also been involved in the post-punk and emo scene, releasing music with bands PVMNTS and Five North, as well as first solo single β€” "Shut Up", featuring Phem and Travis Barker.

    Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski

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    Then: Dylan played fan favourite Stiles Stilinski, Scott's hilarious and quick-witted best friend. Their bromance together was perfection, but let's not forget the emotional rollercoaster that was #Stydia (Stiles + Lydia), as well as the void Stiles storyline that showed how brilliant of an actor Dylan is.

    Now: Since wrapping up Teen Wolf, Dylan has appeared in Maze Runner: The Death Cure (which first started filming in 2016, but was delayed and then released in 2018 to allow Dylan time to recover from severe on-set injuries and finish production), Bumblebee and most recently, Love And Monsters.

    Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale

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    Then: Tyler played Derek Hale, a werewolf by birth whose family were killed in a house fire. Known for his cynical and sullen nature (as well as his killer abs), he teamed up with Scott over the series to solve Beacon Hill's mysteries.

    Now: After leaving Teen Wolf, Tyler's next big role was playing Clark Kent / Superman in Supergirl. He went on to reprise this role in The Flash, Arrow, Batwoman, Legends Of Tomorrow and Superman & Lois, which he currently stars in. Besides playing a superhero, Tyler has also been in Another Life and Palm Springs.

    Crystal Reed as Allison Argent

    MTV / Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

    Then: Crystal played Allison Argent, whose family were descended from a long line of werewolf hunters. That didn't stop her from dating Scott though, nor being a badass, bow and arrow wielding member of his pack.

    Now: Following Crystal's departure from Teen Wolf, she went on to land roles in Gotham and Swamp Land.

    Holland Roden as Lydia Martin

    MTV / @hollandroden / Via

    Then: Holland played Lydia Martin, the extremely intelligent queen bee at Beacon Hills High. Over the course of the series, it was revealed that Lydia is not only drawn to the supernatural, but a banshee with her own powers as well.

    Now: Post Teen Wolf, Holland has appeared in Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, No Escape and Mayans M.C. Her next project will be Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions, which is slated to come out in July.

    Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore

    MTV / Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    Then: Colton played Jackson Whittemore, the competitive and self-absorbed captain of the Beacon Hills High lacrosse team. In Season 2, he received the werewolf bite from Derek, which instead transformed him into a Kanima. He later became a fully-fledged werewolf and moved to London, which is a play on the 1981 movie An American Werewolf In London.

    Now: Like his costar Tyler Hoechlin, Colton landed a role in the Arrowverse playing Roy Harper / Arsenal in Arrow. Alongside this, he appeared in Scream Queens, American Horror Story: Cult and Rough Night.

    Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate

    MTV / Paul Archuleta / Stringer

    Then: Shelley joined the Teen Wolf cast in Season 3. She played Malia Tate, a werecoyote who was later revealed to be the biological daughter of Peter Hale. There was also the whole Stalia thing (Stiles + Malia), but I, personally, was always team Stydia.

    Now: Once Teen Wolf finished, Shelley went on to appear in When We First Met, Liberty Crossing, Dollface and Mythic Quest.

    Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura

    MTV / @arden_cho / Via

    Then: Like Shelley, Arden joined Teen Wolf in Season 3 as Kira Yukimura. In the show, we found out that Kira was a kitsune (a fox spirit that can choose to take human form) β€” specifically a thunder kitsune β€” meaning that she had control over both electricity and foxfire, as well as super speed and strength.

    Now: After exiting Teen Wolf, Cho had roles in Tween Fest and Chicago Med. She's also released a bunch of music on her YouTube channel, where she posts covers, updates and other videos. Oh, and Arden is also the CEO of a watch brand called Leonard & Church. Talk about impressive!

    Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar

    MTV / @dylansprayberry / Via

    Then: Dylan joined Teen Wolf in Season 4 playing freshman Liam Dunbar. His character was introduced into the supernatural world when Scott inadvertently bit him, transforming Liam into a werewolf, when trying to save his life.

    Now: Dylan's biggest role since wrapping up Teen Wolf was in Light As A Feather. According to his Twitter, he's also been working on creating his first short film.

    Linden Ashby as Sheriff Noah Stilinski

    MTV / Teen Wolf / Via / MTVteenwolf/status/1401267580770258944

    Then: Linden played Noah Stilinski, Stiles' dad and the sheriff of Beacon Hills. After learning about the supernatural world in Season 3, he teamed up with Scott and the others to help protect them and the town.

    Now: Since Teen Wolf, Linden has kept things on the chill side by appearing in Lifeline, Trinkets and an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. He also lent his voice and physical likeness to the character of Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 11. Oh, and if you need something wholesome on your Instagram feed, Linden's account is filled with pictures of him finishing puzzles.

    Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall

    MTV / Teen Wolf / Via Facebook: TeenWolf

    Then: Melissa played Melissa McCall, who was Scott's mum and also worked as a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. She was iconic for her witty lines and the way she helped Scott in missions once she found out he was a werewolf.

    Now: When Teen Wolf finished, Melissa continued to star in Chicago Fire as Donna Eobbins-Boden. She also had roles in Thunder Force and First Wives Club. Plus, Melissa is always posting throwbacks to Teen Wolf on her Instagram, which I find so sweet.

    JR Bourne as Chris Argent

    MTV / Morgan Lieberman / Getty Images

    Then: JR played Chris Argent, Allison's father and a werewolf hunter. Unlike others in his family (cough, Gerard, cough), he had a moral compass and stuck to the Hunter's Code, which stated that they shouldn't kill the innocent, but rather be a source of protection against supernatural creatures.

    Now: JR has kept busy after Teen Wolf, snagging roles in Falling Water, Mayans M.C., The 100 and a bunch of shorts. I also feel compelled to point out this shirtless photo on Instagram, which shows that he has a Teen Wolf tattoo!

    Orny Adams as Bobby Finstock (aka Coach)

    MTV / @ornyadams / Via

    Then: Orny played Bobby Finstock, better known as the coach of Beacon Hills' lacrosse team. Although he was a minor character, Coach provided a bunch of comic relief throughout the series, especially when roasting his students (yes, Scott and Stiles, but also GREENBERG!).

    Now: Orny hasn't acted since Teen Wolf, instead choosing to focus on his profession as a comedian. He's currently touring the US doing shows and has a podcast called What's Wrong With Orny Adams.

    Seth Gilliam as Alan Deaton

    MTV / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

    Then: Seth played Alan Deaton, a veterinarian at Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and Scott's boss. Throughout the series, he acted as a mentor and advisor Scott and his friends. It was also revealed that he was a former Druid Emissary to the Hale family.

    Now: Post Teen Wolf, Seth continued to star in The Walking Dead. He also appeared in episodes of City On A Hill and Bull, as well as appearing on-stage during a production of The Last Bar At The End Of The World.

    Ian Bohen as Peter Hale

    MTV / Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Then: Ian played Peter Hale, Derek's sneaky and manipulative uncle and Malia's biological father. Although he was badly burned and went into a self-induced coma after the Hale family home was set alight, Peter slowly healed himself and began building a pack through biting Scott, turning him into a werewolf and starting the events of Teen Wolf.

    Now: In the years since the show finished, Ian has been in Sicario: Day Of The Soldado, Little Women and Yellowstone.

    Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey

    MTV / @danielsharman / Via

    Then: Daniel joined Teen Wolf in Season 2 and played Isaac Lahey, a teenager who consented to being given "the bite" by Derek and then joining his pack. Over time, Isaac began to put more of his trust in Scott and eventually joined his pack instead. Following Allison's death, he decided to move to France with his new mentor, Chris Argent.

    Now: Following Daniel's departure from Teen Wolf in Season 3, he went on to land roles in The Originals, Fear The Walking Dead, Medici: The Magnificent and Cursed.

    Charlie Carver as Ethan Steiner

    MTV / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Then: Charlie joined Teen Wolf in Season 3 and played identical twin Ethan Steiner. Alongside his brother, he was first introduced as an alpha werewolf and a member of Deucalion's alpha pack β€” although, they both eventually switched over to Scott's pack. After Aiden's death, he left Beacon Hills, but later came back in the final season alongside his boyfriend, Jackson.

    Now: After Teen Wolf, Charlie was in Fist Fight and A Midsummer Night's Dream with his brother, Max. He's also done some solo projects, which included a role in When We Rise and Ratched. Plus, in 2018, Charlie had his broadway debut in a production of The Boys In The Band.

    Max Carver as Aiden Steiner

    MTV / Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

    Then: Max played the other Steiner twin, Aidan. He died when battling against the Oni in Season 3.

    Now: After his character's death in Teen Wolf, Max moved onto other projects. Alongside his brother, he starred in Filthy Preppy Teens, Fist Fight and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Max has also been raising awareness for a number of topics on his Instagram, including the COVID-19 crisis in India. Plus, judging by their pics together, it looks like he still regularly hangs out with former costar Daniel Sharman.

    Cody Christian as Theo Raeken

    MTV / @codychristian / Via

    Then: Cody was added to the Teen Wolf family in Season 5. He played Theo Raeken, a Chimera that was created by the Dread Doctors. Although he initially sought to kill Scott and steal his powers, his plans failed and he eventually became a reluctant ally.

    Now: Once Teen Wolf finished up, Cody scored roles in Assassination Nation and All American, which he currently stars in. He also lent his voice to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which earned him a BAFTA Games Award nomination.

    Feeling nostalgic for Teen Wolf? Well, they did a cast reunion last year, which definitely needs to be watched (or rewatched)!

    MTV / Via

    Now, if you need me, I'll be rewatching the series and crying over how brilliant this show was. Love you forever, Teen Wolf. πŸ’–

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