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    49 Beautiful Puppy To Dog Transformations That Will Melt Your Heart

    They grow up so fast. :')

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their most adorable puppy to dog transformations. Here are some of the best that were submitted.

    1. This fluffy pup who still loves to strike a pose with Mum:


    "Mother's Day 2015 versus 2016 with my mom and Finnick." β€” Jenessa

    2. This birthday present which may have grown up to be a little larger than expected:


    "The second photo is on his first birthday!" β€” cburkard

    3. This little guy who still looks up to Dad:


    4. This cheeky girl who's now transformed into a gorgeous lady:


    "Harley Quinn, my German shepherd/border collie mix rescue pupper! (Left: 3 months old; right: 3 years old)." β€” emilydaniellee

    5. This before-and-after which proves that dogs only get cuter with age:


    "Stitch! Left photo: 9 weeks old. Right photo: 1 year old." β€” Stitch

    6. This grown-up lab that can still melt anyone's heart:


    "Tara β€” 8 weeks old to 14 years." β€” biancas4e6957548

    7. This great dane who's still just as close to her big brother:


    "Maggie, great dane, at 5 weeks versus 1 year. Still loves to cuddle with her 'big' brother, Rufus!" β€” emmas4a01d0ff0

    8. This westie who suddenly sprouted some ears:


    "Mollie the westie." β€” yanm

    9. These two rascals who are the definition of aging gracefully:


    "Caine from October 2016 to May 2017. Elderly pom used for reference." β€” leslien40ad1ccd0

    10. This not-so-little guy with his proud parents:


    "Lincoln, 8 weeks and now." β€” bethanyc407ef76eb

    11. This fluffy girl who looks excited to be all grown up:


    "This is Chandler. Chandler is a girl. Yes, Chandler was named after Friends, and from the looks of it, she's grown to be pretty darn happy about it." β€” meganl44695a63b

    12. This little bundle that still loves a good cuddle:


    "Scoots at about 8 weeks and 5 years." β€” EffingA16

    13. This tiny sprouter who's grown up to be so handsome:

    Courtney Wright

    "Little TJ isn't little anymore!" β€” Courtney Wright, Facebook

    14. This beautiful pup who's since learned how to suit up:


    "This is the good doctor aka Doctor Collossus." β€” bethk44b89be99

    15. This perfect puppy who's now transformed into an even better boy:


    "Mischa." β€” jennyv4b5a69c32

    16. This fluff ball who has now mastered his signature pose:


    "Ghost: sitting pretty from 9 weeks old to now." β€” maggiew4a1bbf204

    17. This pup who's swapped the toys for the outdoors:


    "Bo the day we brought him home, and Bo 8 years later." β€” kaceyt4515a4b77

    18. This lucky lady who still slays in a bandana:


    "Saidie Bear: She grew into her big ears!" β€” karinagolightly

    19. This little guy who looks like he hasn't aged a day:


    "Tucker at 8 weeks and 6.5 years old. Still precious!" β€” kates4de3b0933

    20. This baby bear who's only gotten fluffier with age:


    "Stella as a puppy and Stella now – full grown at 125 pounds!" β€” ericac4bcd0ef26

    21. This tiny dachshund who's still trying to work out his ears:


    "This is Hans. He's a miniature dachshund and the best pup ever." β€” meganj18

    22. This blue-eyed pup who's now a very handsome devil:


    "Yogi, the yoga master. At 6 months (left) and 5 years (right)." β€” sarahg48f84b5a6

    23. This birthday boy who knows being older means you're wiser:


    "This is Kylo the Australian shepherd! Left is at 6 weeks old and right is on his first birthday!" β€” anam4b440d254

    24. This grown-up corgi who still enjoys the same old routine:


    "Same shoes, same weather, and same lil' dude. Meet Oliver!" β€” kristens48b38fada

    25. This pup who still has the most boopable nose ever:


    "보리 (Bori) at eight weeks and at one year." β€” deborahm45974f8bd

    26. This handsome guy who looks quite content with how things are going:


    "This is Hugo at 12 weeks versus Hugo at almost 2 years old." β€” jacquelineg4

    27. This young boy who now has ears for days:


    "This is Beasley, an akita/staffy mix at 8 weeks old and then at 1 year." β€” rubyorozcog

    28. This husky who doesn't want to grow up too fast:

    Candy Guiban-Orbien

    "Luna, 18 months versus 8 weeks." β€” Candy Guiban-Orbien, Facebook

    29. This rescue puppy who's looking happier than ever:


    "Meeko at 12 weeks and at 4 years old! He's a boxer/husky/German shepherd rescue." β€” kellyr4df636d07

    30. This pup who's since ditched the training wheels:


    "This is my ride-or-die, Roadie. My boyfriend and I found her as a stray puppy while on a motorcycle trip last summer, and she's been riding with us ever since." β€” emilieschwenk

    31. This happy guy who will always be a puppy at heart:


    "Baloo showed up one day and stole our hearts. One year later she still has a lot of puppy in her, but she's a whole lot of dog!" β€” tracyg4f13bfaa7

    32. This "teddy bear" who refuses to grow up:


    "This is my best buddy, Bear. I adopted him at 6 weeks old while in college and 7 years later we're still inseparable. He's gone from a little teddy bear to a cuddle monster." β€” cag263

    33. This precious guy who's still got his puppy ears:


    "James from 12 weeks to 7 years (peep those puppy ears that didn’t grow with him)." β€” BrookeEleanore

    34. This sprouter who's not quite done with being a puppy yet:


    "At 8 weeks and 6 months with the same toy (minus an ear)." β€” zsazlen

    35. This glow up that will make you want to sign this handsome boy to a modelling agency:


    "Billie at 3 months versus now." β€” octavioa

    36. This before-and-after which proves that size doesn't matter:

    Claire Jones

    "Stanley, 3 months and 9 months." β€” Claire Jones, Facebook.

    37. This gorgeous boy who's now trying a more adult look:


    "Lincoln at 3 months versus 1.5 years." β€” janeloneita

    38. This tiny guy who clearly knows his best angles:


    "This is my dog, Meeko, during the first year of his life." β€” amandar47ed40283

    39. This little sausage who's still rocking his spots:


    "Willie β€” 8 weeks to 2 years...little bit longer, whole lot cuter." β€” caseyd4b71fad47

    40. This pup that will always have a heart of gold no matter his size:


    "This is Bear, the week we brought him home versus two years later! He's the sweetest lil' (giant) pup and follows me everywhere. Bernese/chocolate lab mix!" β€” hannah

    41. This blue-eyed angel that's still as gorgeous:


    "From a teeny tiny pupper at 3 weeks old to a somewhat bigger puperoni at 11 weeks." β€” sarahs4f3920975

    42. This little bundle that looks even better grown up:


    "My baby Bodie used to look like a bear cub, now he's a full-grown, handsome, fun doggo." β€” emilyp4f90f7f07

    43. This shiba who still can't resist taking a nap:

    Hilary Hawthorne

    "Flynn! 10 weeks, 16 weeks, 1.5 years, and 2! He is a wonderful fur child whose human siblings love very much!" β€” Hilary Hawthorne, Facebook

    44. This little guy who's now turning heads:


    "Charlie, on the left only a 3-month-old pupper, on the right a heckin' 5-year-old bamboozler!" β€” Jolandala, Twitter

    45. This adorable puppy who clearly loves the outdoors:


    "Chance!!" β€” taylorf4fa6f035c

    46. This grown-up girl who looks ready to take on the world:

    Lena Kilborne

    "Miss Franke is a big girl now." β€” Lena Kilborne, Facebook

    47. This fur baby who is now an adorable fur monster:

    Jade Moore

    "My baby boy Winston." β€” Jade Moore, Facebook

    48. This gorgeous girl who luckily grew into her ears:

    Brooke Reilly

    "My lil' darling, Jazzy! Few months old versus 7 years." β€” Brooke Reilly

    49. And this cheeky guy who proves that old habits die hard:


    "Lily the day we got her (1 month old) versus the end of June (1 year old) β€” still eating grass after over a year." β€” gh0stkat

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