49 Beautiful Puppy To Dog Transformations That Will Melt Your Heart

    They grow up so fast. :')

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their most adorable puppy to dog transformations. Here are some of the best that were submitted.

    1. This fluffy pup who still loves to strike a pose with Mum:

    2. This birthday present which may have grown up to be a little larger than expected:

    3. This little guy who still looks up to Dad:

    4. This cheeky girl who's now transformed into a gorgeous lady:

    5. This before-and-after which proves that dogs only get cuter with age:

    6. This grown-up lab that can still melt anyone's heart:

    7. This great dane who's still just as close to her big brother:

    8. This westie who suddenly sprouted some ears:

    9. These two rascals who are the definition of aging gracefully:

    10. This not-so-little guy with his proud parents:

    11. This fluffy girl who looks excited to be all grown up:

    12. This little bundle that still loves a good cuddle:

    13. This tiny sprouter who's grown up to be so handsome:

    14. This beautiful pup who's since learned how to suit up:

    15. This perfect puppy who's now transformed into an even better boy:

    16. This fluff ball who has now mastered his signature pose:

    17. This pup who's swapped the toys for the outdoors:

    18. This lucky lady who still slays in a bandana:

    19. This little guy who looks like he hasn't aged a day:

    20. This baby bear who's only gotten fluffier with age:

    21. This tiny dachshund who's still trying to work out his ears:

    22. This blue-eyed pup who's now a very handsome devil:

    23. This birthday boy who knows being older means you're wiser:

    24. This grown-up corgi who still enjoys the same old routine:

    25. This pup who still has the most boopable nose ever:

    26. This handsome guy who looks quite content with how things are going:

    27. This young boy who now has ears for days:

    28. This husky who doesn't want to grow up too fast:

    29. This rescue puppy who's looking happier than ever:

    30. This pup who's since ditched the training wheels:

    31. This happy guy who will always be a puppy at heart:

    32. This "teddy bear" who refuses to grow up:

    33. This precious guy who's still got his puppy ears:

    34. This sprouter who's not quite done with being a puppy yet:

    35. This glow up that will make you want to sign this handsome boy to a modelling agency:

    36. This before-and-after which proves that size doesn't matter:

    37. This gorgeous boy who's now trying a more adult look:

    38. This tiny guy who clearly knows his best angles:

    39. This little sausage who's still rocking his spots:

    40. This pup that will always have a heart of gold no matter his size:

    41. This blue-eyed angel that's still as gorgeous:

    42. This little bundle that looks even better grown up:

    43. This shiba who still can't resist taking a nap:

    44. This little guy who's now turning heads:

    45. This adorable puppy who clearly loves the outdoors:

    46. This grown-up girl who looks ready to take on the world:

    47. This fur baby who is now an adorable fur monster:

    48. This gorgeous girl who luckily grew into her ears:

    49. And this cheeky guy who proves that old habits die hard:

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