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49 Beautiful Puppy To Dog Transformations That Will Melt Your Heart

They grow up so fast. :')

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Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their most adorable puppy to dog transformations. Here are some of the best that were submitted.


4. This cheeky girl who's now transformed into a gorgeous lady:


"Harley Quinn, my German shepherd/border collie mix rescue pupper! (Left: 3 months old; right: 3 years old)." — emilydaniellee


7. This great dane who's still just as close to her big brother:


"Maggie, great dane, at 5 weeks versus 1 year. Still loves to cuddle with her 'big' brother, Rufus!" — emmas4a01d0ff0

11. This fluffy girl who looks excited to be all grown up:


"This is Chandler. Chandler is a girl. Yes, Chandler was named after Friends, and from the looks of it, she's grown to be pretty darn happy about it." — meganl44695a63b


30. This pup who's since ditched the training wheels:


"This is my ride-or-die, Roadie. My boyfriend and I found her as a stray puppy while on a motorcycle trip last summer, and she's been riding with us ever since." — emilieschwenk

31. This happy guy who will always be a puppy at heart:


"Baloo showed up one day and stole our hearts. One year later she still has a lot of puppy in her, but she's a whole lot of dog!" — tracyg4f13bfaa7

32. This "teddy bear" who refuses to grow up:


"This is my best buddy, Bear. I adopted him at 6 weeks old while in college and 7 years later we're still inseparable. He's gone from a little teddy bear to a cuddle monster." — cag263

40. This pup that will always have a heart of gold no matter his size:


"This is Bear, the week we brought him home versus two years later! He's the sweetest lil' (giant) pup and follows me everywhere. Bernese/chocolate lab mix!" — hannah

43. This shiba who still can't resist taking a nap:

Hilary Hawthorne

"Flynn! 10 weeks, 16 weeks, 1.5 years, and 2! He is a wonderful fur child whose human siblings love very much!" — Hilary Hawthorne, Facebook

44. This little guy who's now turning heads:


"Charlie, on the left only a 3-month-old pupper, on the right a heckin' 5-year-old bamboozler!" — Jolandala, Twitter

49. And this cheeky guy who proves that old habits die hard:


"Lily the day we got her (1 month old) versus the end of June (1 year old) — still eating grass after over a year." — gh0stkat

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