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    19 Creepy Places In Australia That'll Scare You Shitless

    Haunted or not, you definitely don't want to visit these places alone.

    1. Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, NSW.

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    The history: Known as "Australia's most haunted house", the Monte Cristo homestead has had a macabre history that includes murder, torture, and suicide. In more recent times, a caretaker was shot dead in 1961 by a youth who claimed to be influenced by Psycho.

    Now: The Ryans, who purchased the homestead in the 1960s, are the current owners of Monte Cristo. Guests who have visited the home have reported seeing strange lights, feeling ghostly presences, and catching glimpses of the former lady of the house, Elizabeth Crawley.

    2. Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Vic.

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    The history: Melbourne's Princess Theatre has been host to many fine performers over the years, but the most famous performance of all belongs to its ghost, Federici. While performing his final scene as Mephistopheles in Gounod's opera Faust, Federici suffered a heart attack as he was being lowered through the theatre's trap door. He died 40 minutes later in the green room... which was a shock to his cast members who had all reported seeing him onstage, taking his bows with the rest of the cast.

    Now: In the years that followed actors, stagehands, and patrons have reported various sightings of Federici. It's now even considered a good luck omen if his ghost appears inside the theatre on opening night.

    3. Old Adelaide Gaol in Thebarton, SA.

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    The history: The Old Adelaide Gaol was built in 1841 and housed approximately 300,000 prisoners during its 147 years of operation. During this time 300 inmates died within the prison walls, including the 45 prisoners that were executed.

    Now: Paranormal occurrences such as ghostly sightings, disembodied voices, and cold spots have been documented within the gaol's walls. Witnesses have also claimed to be touched and scratched.

    4. Central Station in Sydney, NSW.

    The history: Hidden beneath Central Station are the ghost platforms 26 and 27. They were constructed as part of the plan for an extended network of railways stretching to Manly in the north, and east to Kingsford and Coogee in the late 19th century. Once the eastern suburbs railway line to Bondi opened in 1979 however, there was no use for platforms 26 and 27. To add to the spookiness, they were also built on what was originally the Devonshire Street cemetery.

    Now: Although access to the platforms is closed, people have reported hearing children's voices and feeling chills in the air on specially-guided tours.

    5. Penitentiary Chapel in Hobart, Tas.

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    The history: The Penitentiary Chapel was originally designed to house the growing male convict population in Hobart Town via the 36 solitary confinement cells located beneath the chapel's floors. Following the termination of convict transport, the site became Hobart Gaol for more than 100 years with some 50,000 male convicts passing through the complex.

    Now: Visitors to the site have reported feeling overwhelmingly anxious and sad in the isolation cells. Others have said that when sitting down on a couch in Ivy's Room, they have been told to "get off" by an unseen man.

    6. Beechworth Asylum in Beechworth, Vic.

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    The history: Beechworth is Australia's second-oldest asylum dating back to 1867. Over its 128 year history however, it is believed that over 9,000 patients died during their stay at the asylum. The building closed its doors for good in 1995.

    Now: The sound of unidentifiable children's laughter has been heard by workmen, while many witnesses have claimed to see the apparition of Matron Sharp, a young girl, and an elderly man. Several years ago, a 10-year old boy accompanying his parents on a ghost tour was also seen talking to himself. When asked who he was talking to, he said he was talking to a boy called James who lived at the asylum.

    7. North Head Quarantine Station in Manly, NSW.

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    The history: The North Head Quarantine Station was used for over 150 years to isolate people who had or had been exposed to deadly infectious diseases such as the bubonic plague, Spanish influenza, and smallpox. Thousands of new arrivals were forced to stay there for months, living in squalid conditions and often dying from disease and neglect.

    Now: Visitors to the site have experienced a range of paranormal activity including cold spots, strange lights, and unexplained ghost sightings of patients. Many claim to have seen a blonde girl with plaited hair, who will talk to them and sometimes take them by hand.

    8. Maitland Gaol in Maitland, NSW.

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    The history: Maitland Gaol was a maximum security prison that once housed some of Australia's most hardened and notorious criminals. Aside from oppressive overcrowding, the inmates were also subjected to brutal forms of punishment including being flogged with whips. A total of 16 men were also publicly hanged.

    Now: Visitors have apparently witnessed a ghost of an inmate that rocks from side to side in the doorway of his cell. Other activity recorded include heavy doors swinging by themselves, eerie sensations in certain cells, and the sounds of men whispering. As the gaol is now a museum, there is also the opportunity to be "locked down" in one of the prison cells for an overnight stay.

    9. Fremantle Arts Centre in Fremantle, WA.

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    The history: Prior to becoming an arts centre, the building was first used as an asylum for those suffering with "social problems" in the late 1800s. Declining hospital conditions, two in-patient deaths, and a following government inquiry resulted in the asylum being closed down in the 1900s.

    Now: Regular signs of paranormal activity including cold spots and sounds of crying, laughter, and yelling have been heard in the building. Visitors have also reported being touched by phantom lips from "the kissing ghost", as well as seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman who committed suicide by throwing herself through the first floor window.

    10. Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

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    The history: Known to the Gundunbuggra people as "Binoomea" which means "the dark place", there have been a number of strange experiences connected to the limestone caves of Jenolan. Most of these are linked to James Wiburd, Jenolan's third caretaker from 1903. It's said that Wiburd loved the caves so much that he chose to never leave, lingering to keep an eye on things.

    Now: There have been reports of gates rattling for no reasons, lights turning on and off, as well as apparitions appearing in photos. If you're not still not convinced, there is the option to stay overnight and experience the night tour.

    11. National Film And Sound Archive (NSFA) in Acton, ACT.

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    The history: Prior to its use as a film and sound archive, the NSFA building served as the Institute of Anatomy for more than 50 years. Containing human skeletons, animal specimens, and artifacts, the Institute also conducted animal testing and autopsies for scientific research. Declining interest from the public resulted in its refurbishment in 1984.

    Now: Since the NSFA moved in, there have been reported sightings of a little girl that would pop through a grate in the old theatre and make visiting school students laugh. Staff have also witnessed tapes falling out of anti-gravity tape decks, things flying around, and noises coming from the recording booths which were previously dissection labs.

    12. Berrima Courthouse in Berrima, NSW.

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    The history: By day, Berrima is a quaint village that provides insight into Australia's early colonial history. By night however, the old sandstone courthouse and nearby gaol is said to be haunted by the ghosts of those who were tried and executed there including serial killer, John Lynch and axe murderer, Lucretia Dunkely.

    Now: A tour of the courthouse during the day includes simulations with realistic mannequins and audio commentary, while the night ghost-hunting tours try to search and make contact with the spirits that reside there.

    13. Old Melbourne Gaol in Melbourne, Vic.

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    The history: Built in the mid-1800s, the Old Melbourne Gaol housed dangerous criminals, petty thieves, the homeless, and the mentally ill. The most famous among the inmates was Ned Kelly, who, along with 133 other people between 1842 and 1929, was hanged.

    Now: British parapsychologist Darren Done has claimed that he heard voices and detected evidence of electrical interference (which suggests paranormal activity) during his time spent overnight in 2003. Others have backed up his claims with similar creepy experiences such as disembodied voices, strange noises, and cold spots.

    14. Port Arthur in Tas.

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    The history: In 1830 Port Arthur was used as a timber station, housing criminals from England along with petty convicts and repeat offenders from other prisons in Australia. The harsh living conditions and the manual labour these convicts undertook meant they often died young and under horrible circumstances. Port Arthur was also the location of Australia's last shooting massacre in 1996, which prompted the introduction of stricter gun control laws.

    Now: Since the prison's abandonment in 1877 there has been over 2000 accounts of ghost sightings and hauntings. Some of these experiences have been encountered during ghost tours where participants reported cold spots, and foreign voices and sounds while touring the ruins.

    15. The whole town of Picton in NSW.

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    The history: Picton is reputed to be Australia's most haunted town, so much so that someone even made a documentary about it. Of the haunted locations in Picton, the one that seems to draw the most attention is the disused Redback Range Railway tunnel. The tunnel has a history of suicides, and was also the place of a train accident that killed a local girl in 1916. It's said her apparition has appeared within the depths of the tunnel."

    Now: On occasion people have reported seeing white lights hovering above them, figures appearing, ghostly children, and strange electrical appearances while traveling down the tunnel. Rapid drops in temperatures, and sudden breezes like those caused by an approaching train, have also been felt.

    16. Studley Park House in Camden, NSW.

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    The history: Originally built by grazier William Payne in 1889, Studley Park has witnessed the death of two children. In 1909, 14-year-old Ray Blackstone drowned on the property's dam. Forty years later the son of then owner Arthur Gregory died at the house from appendicitis. Both children are believed to haunt the residence.

    Now: While being featured in the 2001 paranormal reality show Scream Test, one contestant was so unsettled that they had to leave the competition. Locals have also reported unexplained lights, and seeing a lady stand at the window.

    17. Boggo Road Gaol in Dutton Park, Qld.

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    The history: Boggo Road Gaol was mainly used as a holding prison for those serving short sentences or on remand. The gaol's initial infamy came from it being a place of execution, but its bad reputation was sealed when it became home to killers, murderers, and violent offenders in its "Number Two Division".

    Now: In December 2012 the Number Two Division, which is the only remaining section of Boggo Road Gaol that hasn't been demolished, was reopened to the public. Since then claims of seeing the ghost of murdered Ernest Austin have been made. It's said Austin made a pact with the devil, claiming the souls of inmates to avoid an eternity in hell.

    18. Old York Hospital in York, WA.

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    The history: The Old York Hospital was opened in 1896 to accommodate the increasing number of patients from the goldfields. The maternity ward was supposedly renowned for paranormal activity where the sounds of babies crying and women moaning could be heard late at night. It stopped operation as a hospital in 1983, and became a youth hostel in the 1980s and 90s. During this time many reported seeing apparitions and being grabbed, thrown, and struck by needles.

    Now: The building was sold in 2004 and has been deserted since.

    19. Aradale Asylum in Aradale, Vic.

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    The history: Aradale is Australia's largest abandoned asylum with over 60 buildings encompassing the grounds. The institution could accommodate up to 1000 patients at any time. It was in J Ward however, where those deemed the most deprived and dangerous were kept in horrific conditions under the highest security. Over its 130-year history roughly 13,000 people died in the asylum which was closed in 1991.

    Now: There have been various spottings of a Nurse Kerry, who allegedly haunts the women's wing and watches the ghost tour groups that pass through. Other reports talk about unexplained cold winds, the sense of being touched in the old men's wing surgery, as well as hearing banging on the walls of the men’s wing isolation cells.