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    If You Need A Break, Just Take A Look At These 28 Calming Nature Photos

    Trust me, Mother Nature always provides the goods.

    Life gets really stressful sometimes, so let's take a deep breath together and look at some pictures that'll calm you right down.

    1. To start us off we have this gorgeous, vibrant succulent that just screams symmetrical perfection.

    2. Next up is this flawless reflection that you could get lost in for days.

    3. And if you thought that was good, just look at this stunning gradient of autumnal leaves.

    4. Check out this freshly groomed ski slope that needs no further explanation.

    5. Okay, but have you seen a more perfectly aligned sunset?

    6. This assortment of colourful fungi somehow soothes my stressed soul.

    7. And these flawless mushroom cups almost look good enough to eat.

    8. Here we have a jaw-dropping cross section showing equally perfect views.

    9. And if you liked that, well, you'll certainly appreciate the fifty shades of this magical sunset.

    10. Everything about this intricate agate stone has my flustered heart singing.

    11. Oh my, just look at this nicely curved desert wave.

    12. Who knew that a cluster of trees could be so satisfying?!

    13. The same could be said for red cabbage and those surprisingly pleasing patterns.

    14. Check out this snug, little owl who perfectly fits into this tree nook.

    15. Satisfying right? Okay, but look at this freshly washed and blow dried cow.

    16. Don't forget about this little critter, whose shell markings are equal parts adorable and beautiful.

    17. Can you feel the calming sensation of this perfectly round rock?

    18. And while we're on the topic of rocks, this colourful arrangement isn't too shabby either.

    19. Imagine being blessed with an apple that looks like it's out of a fairy tale.

    20. Or this patch of unmelted snow that almost looks like a painting because it's so stunning.

    21. These teeny, tiny droplets are giving me all sorts of good feelings.

    22. Bless the person that meticulously sorted these blueberries in rainbow order.

    23. Same with anyone who's lucky enough to grow these fresh and vibrant carrots.

    24. This fluffy canopy of picture-perfect trees is so nice to look at.

    25. As are these hypnotic water ripples.

    26. Everyone loves flowers, but you'll love these symmetrical ones just a little bit more.

    27. And the snow in this winter wonderland snapshot? TOO GOOD.

    28. And finally, let's finish up with these endless rows of lavender that's sure to put you in a good mode.

    H/T to r/oddlysatisfying for making the world a slightly better and more calming place.