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    24 Pictures That Will Have Every Australian Saying "I Can Bloody Hear This"

    You're not Australian unless you've had an unofficial wakeup call from a kookaburra.

    1. The sound of velcro ripping from your wallet as you look for some spare change.

    Billabong / Via

    2. The sound of your neighbour wheeling their bins out at an ungodly hour.

    Getty Images

    "Is that thunder or just someone's bins?" – Ancient Australian proverb.

    3. The sound of Australia's unofficial anthem and the laugh that was at the beginning of it.


    Followed by these iconic lyrics, of course: "Have you ever, ever felt like this."

    4. The sound of seagulls squawking on the beach as they beadily eye your fish and chips.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    5. The sound of hundreds and thousands missing your bread and spilling all over the table.

    Getty Images

    And don't forget about the CRONCH sound when you devoured these bad boys.

    6. The sound of Shannon Noll singing his heart out, despite losing Australian Idol.


    7. The sound of flies buzzing on a hot summer's day.

    Getty Images

    8. The sound of the barking dog man from A Current Affair.

    A Current Affair / Nine

    All it took was a bark to cement this Aussie legend in history.

    9. The sound of a couple of snags sizzling on your mate's barbecue.

    Getty Images

    10. The sound of the Play School theme song in the mornings or after school.


    11. The sound of cracking the lid off a fresh mud cake from Woolies.


    12. The sound of the outro to one of your favourite shows as a kid.


    Hello childhood, this is me.

    13. The sound of a kookaburra loudly singing you the song of their people at the crack of dawn.

    Getty Images

    14. The sound of a fresh box of Weet-Bix being ripped open.


    15. The sound of the crunchy meringue used for your Mum's pavlova.

    Getty Images

    16. The sound of the "ray, ray, ray, ray, ray, ray, RAAAAGEE" that would introduce this familiar TV show.


    And this would more than likely be on a Saturday morning.

    17. And the sound of the catchy "Cheez TV" that would be said before every ad break on this show.

    Network Ten

    18. The sound of you slurping the last few drops of an Up&Go for breakfast.

    @shirleyleeeee2018 / Via

    19. The sound of prices being "down, down".


    20. The sound of sand squeaking with every footstep you take.

    @adventuresofanaquaholic / Via

    21. The sound of the knife scraping the toast as you add some butter with your Vegemite.

    @bec_mauricio / Via

    22. The sound of you biting into the crunchy, golden goodness of a Chiko Roll.

    @chrisbadenoch / Via

    23. The sound of Daryl Braithwaite singing his heart out to the most Australian song ever.


    24. And finally, the sound of your spoon clinking as you stir a cold glass of Milo.

    @nicole131989 / Via

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