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    Aussies Are Trolling Americans For Completely Missing The Brief On What A Mullet Is

    Come to Australia — we'll show you what a real mullet looks like.

    Another day, another new TikTok trend — and this time it features men showing off their mullets, which is a sentence I thought I would never write, but hey, it's 2021.

    Okay, let's breakdown this latest viral TikTok sound. Set to the tune of "WERKK" by Tisakorean, you can hear Twitch streamer Quackity saying "What the fuck? Did you just call me mullet daddy? What the fuck?"

    Quackity speaking into a microphone while sitting in a dimly-lit room

    The first instance of this sound being used was by @youabsolutenimrod in April, who posted an edit of Quackity saying this. A remake of this was done by @karls.hxnds, who also posted a Quackity edit — except this time the sound went viral and reached other groups on TikTok.

    "What other groups?", I hear you ask. Well, "mullet daddies", I guess, who hijacked the sound to show off their immaculate hairstyles to their audience.

    P.S. I've included screenshots of the majority of TikTok videos included in this post for convenience. 

    Except, here's the thing — judging by the videos that American TikTokers have posted, I don't think they understand what a mullet actually is.

    Like, I don't know what hairstyle Bryce Hall asked for when he went and got it cut, but it's definitely not a mullet.


    what haircut u think i got?

    ♬ MULLET DADDY - chass :]

    And this guy, who's mocking Bryce Hall and claiming he's the "mullet daddy"? Yeah, nah, try again.


    #stitch with @brycehall Bryce you crack me up

    ♬ original sound - DonnyCanes

    So, what is a mullet? In Australia, it would be defined as a hairstyle that has shorter sides and top, while the hair at the back at the neck is kept longer. Basically, business in the front, party in the back.

    Mullets are superior in Australia, so it only makes sense that Aussies would be roasting our dear friends in the US for their piss-poor attempts at calling themselves a ~mullet daddy~.

    A girl covering her mouth trying not to laugh; there is next saying "PLEASE Americans doing this trend is so that's not a mullet, you've got the sides of your hair shaved"
    A TikTok comment saying: "They need to leave this trend for the Aussies smh"
    A TikTok comment saying: "I've seen children at my daycare centre with a better mullet than him"
    A TikTok duet; on the left a girl is watching with text saying "Come to Australia to see a real mullet; what is THAT"; on the right Bryce Hall is showing off his 'mullet'
    A TikTok comment saying: "Every Australian is laughing at you right now"

    As well as duetting their own legendary mullets to show off what a real one looks like.


    #duet with @donnycanes last one got taken down so redo

    ♬ original sound - DonnyCanes

    Sorry America. I'm sure you have some good mullets which aren't being represented here, but I can almost guarantee that we do them way better in Australia. It's part of Aussie culture, tbh. But what do you think?