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    It's Official: Disney's "Mulan" Will Skip The Cinemas And Instead Be Released On Disney+

    But, there's a catch — Disney+ subscribers will have to pay an additional $29.99 to watch the movie.

    If you've been following the much-anticipated remake of Disney's Mulan, you'll know that the release date has been pushed back several times.

    Mulan fighting while in a battle

    In what was meant to be one of the major theatrical releases of the year, the film was initially set to premiere on March 27, before being rescheduled to July 24, then August 21, amid growing concerns of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Mulan aiming to shoot someone with a bow and arrow

    But today, Disney announced that Mulan will skip the cinemas and instead be released on Disney+ on September 4.

    Mulan in a fighting stance. Her sword is raised above her head, ready to strike

    Although that's exciting news, there is a slight catch — viewers will have to pay an additional $USD29.99 on top of the streaming service's monthly fees to watch the movie.

    Disney's Mulan poster; Mulan is facing the camera head-on, holding a sword to her face

    With such a premium rental price, it's no surprise that many people weren't a huge fan of Disney's announcement.

    Mulan is coming to Disney+!? ...For thirty dollars.

    "Disney's Mulan Live Action Remake will stream on Disney+, forgoing movie theaters" Internet: Oh, ok then "You must also pay 30 dollars to see it along with having Disney+'s 6.99 subscription" Internet:

    thirty dollars for a rental that requires a streaming service you must already be subscribed to... congratulations to Mulan for being the first blockbuster to premiere on 123movies

    But, in saying that, I'm sure there are still a bunch of fans out there who are beyond excited that this movie finally has a solid premiere date.