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21 School Excursions You'll Only Remember If You Grew Up In Sydney

Going to Luna Park for a maths excursion was the best.

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2. You spent all your pocket money at the Royal Easter Show.

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No one really knew the educational purpose behind the coveted Easter Show school excursion, but if meant getting to go out on a school day, no one would question it.

3. You were able to get up close and personal with the animals at SEA LIFE Aquarium and WILD LIFE Zoo.

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Cute, cuddly koalas: tick. Creepy looking, humongous crocodile that looked like it could bite off your head at any second: yeah, nah.

4. You went on a two-night "camp" to Canberra and learned about the Australian government.

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Other attractions included visiting the Museum of Australian Democracy (yawn), The Australian Memorial, and everyone's personal favourite, Questacon.


6. You pretended to understand the artworks at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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*Looks at a painting of a bowl of fruit*

"Yes, very good. Lots of, uh, symbolism through the use of that yellow for the bananas."

7. You contemplated your potentially non-existent future at either the HSC and Careers Expo, or the Western Sydney Careers Expo.


9. You visited Terrigal and Wamberal to study rocks, sand, and wave movements for Geography.

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Bonus points if your teacher did the whole ~chuck the tennis ball into the ocean to see if it comes back~ exercise.

10. You were left slightly traumatised after learning road safety at Bstreetsmart.

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Those live road safety demonstrations with the fake blood, banged-up cars, and mannequins really shook you up.


18. You roughed it at The Great Aussie Bush Camp.

21. But everyone's favourite had to be when you solved maths problems at Luna Park.

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At least that's what everyone was supposed to be doing... but you just ended up copying your mate's answers on the bus back to school.