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    Holy Shit, Lee Harding Is Back And He Just Performed On "The Voice Australia"

    WASAAAABBBIII! – You, after reading this headline.

    Cast your mind back to the year 2005. iPod Nanos had just been released, Club Penguin was starting to become a thing and fan-favourite Lee Harding, of Australian Idol fame, had just released his smash hit, "Wasabi".

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    The song debuted at the top of the Australian Music Charts and reached LEGENDARY status. But like many Idol stars, Lee's stardom slowly faded when he was dropped from his label and chose to move away from a solo career.

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    So you can imagine how big of a surprise it was for everyone to see him take to the stage on Sunday's episode of The Voice Australia.

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    Lee's still rocking that ~alternative~ look with the eyeliner and lip piercings, but he's also got a wife and kids now, which is super adorable.

    Lee ended up performing Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name" and, to put it simply, absolutely smashed it with all four judges turning around.

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    And it was most likely a nostalgic moment for the singer to come face-to-face with Guy Sebastian, who won the first season of Idol.

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    While Lee did end up picking Boy George as his coach, here's hoping he sticks around long enough in the competition to perform a rendition of "Wasabi".

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    Oh, and if you're interested, you can catch Lee's full performance here.

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