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We Talked To Lee Harding 12 Years After The Release Of "Wasabi"

"People still scream it at me."

Remember Australian Idol? More importantly, remember Lee Harding?

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The iconic singing show was in its third year in 2005, and Lee Harding was a HUGE fan favourite on the series.

Harding came third in the competition, but in early December of 2005 released his hit debut song "Wasabi".

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Yeah, you remember it. How could you not?

Nearly 12 years since the release, BuzzFeed chatted to Harding about his time on Australian Idol... and you better believe people still approach him ALL the time about "Wasabi".

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"People just feel the need to scream it to me anywhere!" Harding said. "I've heard it almost every day in the last 11 or so years."

"My daughter calls it 'Daddy's funny hair song'!"

Harding's now married to his high school sweetheart, and together they have four-year-old Blaize.

Harding said trying to break into the industry after Idol proved to be a tough experience, and that he's not really in touch with anyone from the show.

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"A lot of labels won't touch you because you've been there, had the chance, and it didn't work out."

However Harding says he has no regrets about his time on the show, nor the track that teens from the '00s still know the lyrics to.


"I was young, and what I did then was what I wanted to do. I've been to Russia to sing, I've entertained troops in Iraq... but I'm happy just living the family life now."

Harding now sings at Crown Casino twice a week, and will potentially be releasing a song on iTunes for this upcoming Father's Day.

And his advice for anyone coming through the reality TV vortex?

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"Just listen to what's inside of you, and as lame as it sounds, just be yourself. You'll know if you've done everything you could do to succeed."

Well one thing's for sure... this song will remain legendary in Aussie pop culture.

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