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    Posted on 25 Jun 2018

    KJ Apa Just Tried To Roast Cole Sprouse On Instagram And It Hilariously Backfired

    This is the sort of bromance trolling I live for.

    Just in case you're not aware, this is KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse. You've probably seen them playing the dynamic duo of Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones on Riverdale.

    Robin Marchant / Getty Images

    Now if you're at all familiar with the cast of Riverdale, or follow them religiously like I do on Instagram, you'll know that they're pretty close to one another both on- and off-set.

    They're basically one big family. And like all good families, they love to roast one another!

    This morning KJ tried to take a well-aimed swipe at Cole by posting this meme to Instagram.

    While it seemed like an open and shut case of trolling, Cole decided to hit back at KJ with this witty comment.

    @colesprouse / Via

    If you don't get it, Cole is alluding to the fact that he was earning the big bucks from his acting career when he was 17, whereas KJ was relatively unknown at that age.

    The whole cast of Riverdale decided to join in, with each of them offering a different take on the whole situation.

    @kjapa/@madelame/@caseycott/@melton / Via
    @vanessamorgan/@robraco/@martincummins / Via
    @lilireinhart/@drewraytanner / Via

    Even Lorde decided to voice her opinion on the matter.

    @lordemusic / Via

    Undeterred by the response he received, KJ posted the same meme to his Twitter...

    Man... I would have absolutely crushed you at age 17. Crushed. @colesprouse

    ...where he was unfortunately owned by Cole again. Lol.

    @colesprouse/@kj_apa / Via Twitter: @kj_apa

    I think it's safe to say Cole won this round. Happy trolling, boys!

    @ENews / Via

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