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    25 Questions "Elite" Needs To Answer Immediately

    We need to talk about Omar and Ander...and literally EVERYTHING else.

    Last week, Netflix dropped Season 3 of Elite, which follows the lives of a group of students studying at Las Encinas — a private school — in Spain.

    As per usual, the latest season was filled with a red-hot murder mystery and plenty of drama and romance on the sidelines. But even though the final episode answered many things, it still left us with A LOT of questions.

    1. How the heck does this detective still have a job?

    2. And why did she keep all the "murder suspects" in the same room when she was questioning them?

    3. Why did Carla have to testify right in front of Polo during the courtroom scene?

    4. What happened to Christian? Is he ever coming back and why did all the other characters just forget that he existed?

    5. Why did Ander not mention his symptoms from last season — aka his headaches, nose bleeds and fainting in the club — to his doctor when he was getting tested?

    6. And on that, where on Earth is Ander's dad?

    7. Why is Carla's family nearly bankrupt? And if they are, how can they still afford to live such a lavish lifestyle?

    8. How does Samuel afford to pay things — like rent and groceries — without working a job?

    9. What's the deal with Nadia and Omar's older sister, May? Are they still in touch with her or did she just...disappear?

    10. Why did Malick start dating Nadia in the first place if he's into boys?

    11. How is everyone in this high school casually having threesomes at their parents' house?

    12. What exactly was Rebecca's mum, Sandra, charged with? And how did she get out of prison so quickly?

    13. How is Ander okay with hanging out with Polo after knowing he killed Marina?

    14. Why didn't they just track the IP address of the tweets about Polo to find the culprit?

    15. How did an international university find out about the video of Nadia and Guzman?

    16. Why does Omar have absolutely no qualms about cheating on his boyfriend — who has cancer — with his SISTER'S boyfriend?

    17. And why doesn't Ander ever tell Omar that he knew about the affair he was having with Malick?

    18. How did Carla fit the broken neck of the bottle without getting a SINGLE drop of blood in her bag?

    19. And going back, how did Lu finish an entire bottle of champagne that quickly?

    20. How did Rebecca's mum fill the punching bags with drugs?

    21. Who is going to manage Carla's winery business while she's studying overseas? Like, she appointed Valerio to do PR, but what about the financial side?

    22. Why do Guzmán and Samuel have to repeat the entire school year because of ONE fight?

    23. And how will the show work now that some of them have graduated and the rest are still at school?

    24. On that, how did Omar afford to transfer to Las Encinas?

    25. And lastly, why is Cayetana working at Las Encinas of all places?

    Welp, hopefully all these questions will be answered in the next season of Elite!