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    Updated on 21 Mar 2019. Posted on 13 Oct 2017

    34 Things That'll Make Anyone Who Has Ever Worked In Customer Service Say, "Damn That's Real"

    Me: "Hi, how are you today?" Customer: "JUST LOOKING."

    1. Constantly being told the same joke is a daily occurrence.

    Twitter: @RetailJobLife

    Wasn't funny the first time, Rhonda.

    2. Oh, and so is having to hide how you truly feel.

    3. ESPECIALLY when this happens.

    Twitter: @JessicaHaigh88

    *eye twitches*

    4. Fake laughing? You've become a pro at that.

    5. And you've lost count of how many times you had to say "sorry, we're closed".

    6. Even when you're on your best behaviour, customers still find a way to test you.

    7. Or they just flat-out ignore you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    8. It's a real struggle to keep that fake smile on when you get asked dumb questions like this.

    9. Really, Kim? You really want to ask me that?

    10. Sometimes you try really hard to be a good shop assistant, but then this happens.

    Twitter: @LilTartheBasedQ

    Why, why, WHY am I so socially awkward???

    11. But when new people start, you always make sure to show them the ropes.

    12. Because if retail has taught you anything, it's how to work under pressure.

    13. For example, you've learned to watch out for certain customers.

    14. Especially the rude AF ones.

    15. Or the ones who somehow seem to sense when you've finished for the day.

    Twitter: @idontcurve


    16. Like once you're done for the day, you're done.

    17. The constant struggle between making money and having an actual life is always on your mind.

    18. Just your alarm going off in the morning is enough to make you question everything.

    19. Oh, and weekends? You don't know her.

    20. Actually, if it's not inside the store you don't really know what's going on.

    21. And kids... yeah, they're just accidents waiting to happen.

    22. Seriously parents, control your children.

    When a customers kid is throwing a tantrum in the store and the customer isn't doing anything about it

    Twitter: @Retailstoreprob

    23. Sometimes you think you'll need more than just sheer willpower to get through the day.

    24. Especially when you gotta deal with this sort of ~drama~.

    25. Customers have no patience.

    26. They always try to find a way to make your job harder.

    27. And they think they're entitled to something because they're a ~frequent shopper~.

    28. Like, hello, I don't care what the girl who was working on Friday told you.

    29. But you sometimes get your revenge.

    Twitter: @ProCashier

    I told you, Martha. These fuckin' jackets are NOT on sale.

    30. Pretending to search "the back" for a product you know isn't there is always fun.

    31. Same with telling a difficult customer that their card isn't working.

    32. Oh, but this definitely gives your soulless body a moment of joy.

    33. Because let's be honest, having to deal with customers all week is exhausting.

    34. But at least you'll be able to purchase that new Fenty Beauty foundation, right? RIGHT???

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