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    21 Extremely Relatable Tweets That Will Speak To Every Writer's Soul

    "Them: Do you take constructive criticism? Me, already crying: Sure what's up?"



    A good way to write a book is to do half a sentence and then get distracted by gifs and dogs and avocado and TV and refilling your water bottle and finding warm socks and opening the blind and closing the blind and choosing a different font and putting your wordcount in a spreads


    artists: [posting the most elaborate, breathtaking art] just a quick lil piece before bed hehe ^ . ^ writers: i haven't opened my word document in 9 months now. i managed 12 words and hit save before i blacked out.


    writer tip: no, you are not done editing the book. you will never be done editing the book. centuries from now, when humankind has moved on to new planets, you will still be hunched over your desk agonizing over that One Scene that just won’t work


    WRITERS DESERVE... • to be paid for their work • to eat a lot of small cakes if they want • to hide their work until they're READY to show it • to experiment and make mistakes and try again • to slowly fill their house with empty journals shh this is our right


    I’m going to start sending this picture to my editors whenever they send me feedback.


    STEPS TO BECOMING A WRITER: 1 Write 2 Write 3 Write 4 Agonize over things like commas, ellipses, and semicolons 5 Avoid talking about your writing, which you're proud of but also shy about 6 Write 7 Tweet a lot about writing 8 Write #writetip #amwriting #writerslife


    My 8 yr old is working on his novel. After every sentence he says, 'Hell yeah! This is amazing!' then moonwalks round the room singing a verse or two from Smooth Criminal before continuing to type. I can't help but think his process is way cooler than mine. #amwriting


    them: do you take constructive criticism me, already crying: sure what’s up


    Writer culture: buying stationery, journals, pens, and stickers and then deciding they’re “too nice” to use and so now you have a weird little museum of writing in your desk


    So, You wrote one line, spent an hour on YouTube, and consider that writing.


    the key to being a successful writer is finding a unique voice and convincing the sea witch to let you have it


    Writer culture is researching what degree is needed to be a paleontologist so your shapeshifting vampire dinosaur erotica will be authentic


    Editor: Where's that draft? Writer: brb staging my own death


    How ALL writers should handle bad reviews... 😂😂😂 #amwriting #writerslife


    I’m 26, graduated college, my work largely revolves around writing, and I still can’t spell rythym rythm rhythym on my first or even second try


    ME, ON MY DEATH BED: If only I had more time to finish my great works! Please! Please, more time! DEATH: You may live... one more day. ME, AT 11:55 PM: Finally closed Twitter, turned off my phone, and can focus on writing - oh I should tweet that as a Monday motivation


    She began that writing day as she began all writing days, putting her hair into a bun with office supplies.


    A candle for writer's block... 😂😂😂 #writerslife #amwriting


    There comes a time in every writer’s life Usually around 2 or 3pm When you pause and think: goddammit, I should have had lunch


    Being a writer is having a proofreading ability that increases by 1000% as soon as you hit “Submit”.

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