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    17 Funny TikToks That Are A Big Mood For Australians

    RIP to KFC Krushers — especially the Golden Gaytime flavour.

    1. This ode to one of KFC's best menu items, which sadly no longer exist:

    2. And this tribute to an extremely long chip, which feels like a very Australian thing to do:

    3. This all too familiar Macca's monopoly feeling:

    4. This morning wake up call that's immediately triggered my fight or flight response:

    5. And don't forget about those bloody cheeky kookies:

    6. This warning sign from Transperth that feels like a personal attack:

    7. This cringe-worthy reminder of what used to be considered "cool" and "fashionable" in Australia:

    They were the original eshay.

    8. This satisfying moment which we've all experienced while driving:

    9. This perfect use of the "Can you reach me? No, you can't!" line from Lorde's "Solar Power".

    10. This extremely accurate portrayal of JB Hi-Fi employees:

    11. This hilarious swipe at Scotty From Marketing that will never be topped:

    12. This Australian slang challenge, which will surely result in some state debates:


    Forgive my corpse like skin tone I’m in lockdown. Battle of the sates ⚔️#teamnsw #gotheblues #aussieslang #slangchallenge #aussiechick #godscountry

    ♬ original sound - baylee mashman

    13. This hilarious explanation of how confusing NSW's rules are in relation to having picnics:

    For context on this one, premier Gladys Berejiklian gave NSW a little treat when the state reached six million vaccinations. Said little treat were the loosening of some COVID-19 restrictions from September 13 for those who are fully vaccinated. This included being allowed outdoor gatherings, including picnics.

    14. This relatable experience which always seems to happen at the worst moment:


    When that little tickle in your throat doesn’t go away #fyp #foryourmother #school

    ♬ original sound - Tom Ford

    15. This TikTok which manages to encapsulate Australian culture so well:

    16. This video which pokes fun at Australia's long-standing rivalry with New Zealand:

    17. And lastly, this iconic recreation of one of Australia's best TV shows:


    I’m so glad people were as obsessed with this show as I was 😂🧜🏼‍♀️😍✨ #h2o #h2ojustaddwater #aussie #australian #mermaid #actor

    ♬ original sound - Tyler Warwick

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