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    Ranking Cheap Australian University Meals From "Sad Student Memories" To "This Is Still My Shit"

    "Screw that salad that costs $13 when I can have chicken chips for $2."

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    23. Tinned spaghetti and sauce

    22. Bread, just bread, maybe toasted

    21. A microwavable meal that was half-price at Coles or Woolies

    20. Instant soup

    19. Spaghetti O's on toast

    18. Multiple cups of coffee or cans of energy drinks

    17. Avo toast

    16. A can of tuna

    15. Something with eggs

    14. Chicken chips from Woolies

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    Isha: I don't think I've ever bought these myself, but I have come across them in Woolies and they always smell damn delicious. Plus, half price? Screw that salad that costs $13 when I can have chicken chips for $2. That being said, probs not much of a meal and more of a snicky snack vibe. 6/10

    Hameda: I didn't get to experience these until my last couple of months at uni and I can honestly say I'm sad that we didn't have them beforehand! Yes, they kind of tasted like cardboard if you let them get cold, but at that price? No complaints here! 7/10

    Ranking: 13/20

    13. A frozen pizza

    12. A toastie

    11. Chicken nuggets with tomato sauce

    10. Mi Goreng

    9. The discounted lunch special from a Thai restaurant

    8. Baked beans on toast

    7. A kebab

    6. A popcorn chicken and chips Go Bucket from KFC

    5. A variety of buns from Breadtop

    4. Spag bol

    3. Sushi rolls

    2. A burrito from Guzman Y Gomez

    1. A halal snack pack