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This Hemsworth Brother Thirst Quiz Is Here To Save You From Losing It In Lockdown

Praise be for the Hemsworths.

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  1. First off, pick a pair of abs that make you feel a tingle down there.

  2. Next, choose a magazine cover that makes you say "hot damn".

  3. Alright, it's time to decide which red carpet pic makes you want to reach for a tall glass of water.

  4. Speaking of liquids, it's time to pick a drink to quench that mid-quiz thirst.

  5. Now, pick a character they've played that you've obviously fallen in love with.

  6. And since they workout together, you have to decide who has the best workout picture.

  7. This one is hard, but pick an animal picture that makes you scream with absolute joy.

  8. Next, select which one of these makes you giggle and blush.

  9. And which of these makes you feel a bit hot and bothered.

  10. Pick an on-screen kiss that is romance goals.

  11. And lastly, pick an emoji to sum up how you're feeling right now.

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