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Guys, It's Official: Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Have Broken Up

*Sips tea sadly.*

After four years together, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have decided to end their relationship.

According to People, the pair, who began dating in 2015, are now working together to figure out custody of their daughter, Lea De Seine.

The news comes after Lady Gaga's own engagement to Christian Carino was called off in February.

Why is that significant? Well, Gaga and Cooper both starred in A Star Is Born, which fueled some pretty intense rumours about them being in love.

ESPECIALLY after their chemistry-filled performance of "Shallow" at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Now before you go any further, Gaga did dispel these rumours while being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In regards to the Oscars performance, she said they were acting loved-up because they were performing a love song.

Fast-forward to news of Cooper and Shayk's breakup and, well, some fans have come to their own conclusions about what may or may not happen next. 👀

News: Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have broken up Anybody who watched the Oscars:

star is born stan twitter on their way to ship lady gaga and bradley cooper now that he and irina have called it quits

Lady Gaga checking Bradley Cooper’s relationship status online and seeing that he’s now single

a star is born (2018) dir. bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper and Gaga are both single now.

lady gaga & bradley cooper are both single just 4 months after they eye fucked at the oscars how convenient

Lady Gaga heading to Bradley Cooper’s house after hearing the break up news

Lady Gaga showing up to a newly single Bradley Cooper's house:

Whatever happens, I'll be sitting here and watching it unfold on my timeline.