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    Here Are All The Details On The Contestants Competing On Brooke's Season Of "The Bachelorette"

    I can't wait to watch.

    Lo and behold, a new season of The Bachelorette is nearly upon us — and this one looks especially good considering that Bachie alum Brooke Blurton is taking centre stage.

    Her casting is a huge win for diversity, with Brooke being the first Indigenous lead and the first queer woman for the Bachie franchise.

    Brooke identifies as bisexual, which means that producers have cast both male and female contestants to win her heart. Here's a closer look at all of them!

    Network Ten

    1. Beau, 34, Photographer, NSW

    Network 10

    Beau is passionate about training, travel, photography and building. He likes to keep things real and his ideal date would be something adventurous and active, followed by a good feed. When asked "What do you have to offer a potential partner?", Beau said: "Being a professional #instaboyfie." 

    2. Bec, 30, Charity Officer, Victoria

    Network Ten

    In Bec's bio, she's described as chaotic, loud and enthusiastic. She's passionate about mental health, being an inclusive ally, cats and, oddly enough, potatoes. When asked "What makes you the ultimate catch for Brooke?", Bec said: "I fully embrace every day and want to live life as happily and loving as possible."

    3. Steve, 29, Podiatrist, NSW

    Network 10

    Steve is a hardworking and intelligent goofball who is looking for someone to light up his world. His ideal date is anything active (rock climbing, a motorbike ride, a hike, go-carting etc.) followed by a nice dinner.

    4. Ritu, 25, Filmmaker, Victoria

    Network 10

    Like Brooke, Ritu is a POC queer woman who is passionate about mental health and trauma recovery. She's career-focused and is hoping to find someone worthy of her love.

    5. Matt, 21, Metal Fabricator, Queensland

    Network 10

    Matt is positive, friendly and hardworking. He's looking for a laid-back girl to do life with and believes that growing up with two sisters has shown him how to treat a woman with love and respect.

    6. Kurt, 29, Sports Mentor, NSW

    Network 10

    According to his bio, Kurt is adventurous, impulsive and has a huge love of the outdoors. He's looking for someone to go on adventures with, but is afraid that his lack of a long-term partner will be seen as a red flag by Brooke.

    7. Taje, 23, Youth Worker, NSW

    Network 10

    Similar to Brooke, Taje's culture is a big part of her life and she is passionate about working with her community. Taje knows who she is and what she stands for — and she's also looking for a partner who shares those same values.

    8. Johann, 27, Carpenter, NSW

    Network 10

    Johann was born in Italy, speaks German, grew up in Australia and has competed around the world in martial arts competitions. He describes himself as a happy, positive person who likes to bring good vibes to any and all situations. 

    9. Ryan, 29, Plumber, NSW

    Network 10

    Ryan is all about the gym, enjoying sports and keeping active. When asked "What do you have to offer a potential partner?", he said: "Support, honesty, physical affection (physical touch is my love language), family values and a high EQ."

    10. Jamie Lee, 30, Psychology Student, NSW

    Network 10

    You might recognise Jamie Lee from the Honey Badger's season on The Bachelor! According to her bio, Jamie Lee is eager to explore Brooke and her's initial connection, seeing if they could be more than just friends. 

    11. Konrad, 31, Carpenter, Victoria

    Network 10

    Konrad has decided to appear on The Bachelorette as he feels that "he's in his prime and wants to find what his parents have." He's confident, loyal, is a hopeless romantic and falls in love easily.

    12. Darvid, 27, Landscaper, Queensland

    Network 10

    Darvid is at the stage in his life where he's open to finding "the one". He's driven and confident, but admits he can be a little blunt and that he has pretty high standards. His family describes him as "a bull in a china shop."

    13. Holly, 27, Marketing Administrator, NSW

    Network 10

    Holly describes herself as bubbly, energetic, friendly, athletic and clumsy. Having taught dance for over 10 years, she's now transitioned into being an NRL cheerleader who wears her heart on her sleeve and is ready to find love.

    14. Carissa, 30, Psychologyist, Queensland

    Network 10

    Carissa is all about getting out in nature and loves anything to do with the ocean. She's spent a lot of time sailing around the world and hopes that her future partner will adore her awkwardness, rather than running away from it.

    15. Emily, 25, Vet Receptionist, NSW

    Network 10

    Emily is a social butterfly who's always trying to bring out the best in people. She's also obsessed with animals, which might explain her dream date: "My dream date would be doing something exciting, that gives us a special memory to look back on. I would love to have an animal encounter, a thrill-seeking experience or even something as simple as going to see a band we both love."

    16. And finally — Jess, 30, Software Sales Executive, South Australia

    Network 10

    Jess is a self-confessed drama queen who isn't afraid to put herself out there. She doesn't mind breaking the rules (as long as no one gets hurt) and believes that she's still single because "I am protective of my energy. I know my worth, who I am as a person and what I have to offer."

    The Bachelorette Australia premieres this Wednesday, so be sure to watch if you want to know how these contestants go with winning Brooke's heart.

    My money is on Bec and I love the vibes from Ritu, but who do you think is a shoo-in?