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    Here Are All The Details On The Contestants Competing On Brooke's Season Of "The Bachelorette"

    I can't wait to watch.

    Lo and behold, a new season of The Bachelorette is nearly upon us — and this one looks especially good considering that Bachie alum Brooke Blurton is taking centre stage.

    Her casting is a huge win for diversity, with Brooke being the first Indigenous lead and the first queer woman for the Bachie franchise.

    Brooke identifies as bisexual, which means that producers have cast both male and female contestants to win her heart. Here's a closer look at all of them!

    1. Beau, 34, Photographer, NSW

    2. Bec, 30, Charity Officer, Victoria

    3. Steve, 29, Podiatrist, NSW

    4. Ritu, 25, Filmmaker, Victoria

    5. Matt, 21, Metal Fabricator, Queensland

    6. Kurt, 29, Sports Mentor, NSW

    7. Taje, 23, Youth Worker, NSW

    8. Johann, 27, Carpenter, NSW

    9. Ryan, 29, Plumber, NSW

    10. Jamie Lee, 30, Psychology Student, NSW

    11. Konrad, 31, Carpenter, Victoria

    12. Darvid, 27, Landscaper, Queensland

    13. Holly, 27, Marketing Administrator, NSW

    14. Carissa, 30, Psychologyist, Queensland

    15. Emily, 25, Vet Receptionist, NSW

    16. And finally — Jess, 30, Software Sales Executive, South Australia

    The Bachelorette Australia premieres this Wednesday, so be sure to watch if you want to know how these contestants go with winning Brooke's heart.

    My money is on Bec and I love the vibes from Ritu, but who do you think is a shoo-in?