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I Pray That I'm Never As Unlucky As This Woman Who Had A Possum Jump Up Her Skirt

I can't stop laughing.

If there's one thing Australia is known for, it has to be our abundant wildlife.

John Crux Photography / Getty Images

There's the cute and cuddly koalas, the fuck off right now spiders and, of course, the possums — which are very, very different to opossums in the US.

Ted Mead / Getty Images, Erniedecker / Getty Images

I still think opossums are cute, but they can be on the...uh...feisty side.

In Australia, possums are pretty damn adorable...except when they're making a racket at night, jumping from tree to tree.

A possum clinging to a tree branch
Tom Brakefield / Getty Images

Oh, and also when they jump up your skirt, as demonstrated in this very Australian TikTok that I can't stop laughing at.

Posted by @taleahh_, it shows her mum being the victim of a cursed possum attack.

A woman leaning down towards a possum; the possum is mid-jump and heading towards the woman's skirt
@taleahh_ / Via

The video starts off innocently enough, with her mum bending down to greet the adorable, little critter.

A woman leaning down towards a possum
@taleahh_ / Via

But then things take a turn for the worse when the possum, for reasons unknown, suddenly leaps into the folds of the dress.

A possum jumping onto a woman's skirt
@taleahh_ / Via

Set to "Only Time" by Enya, we then see the poor possum cling on for dear life, as Taleah's mum attempts to shake it off. Mind you, this is all captured brilliantly in slo-mo.

@taleahh_ / Via

It's made even better with the Snapchat text being added — an unhinged "HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH", which is exactly the sort of reaction I would have had if that happened to my mum.

@taleahh_ / Via

With any viral TikTok, the comments are absolute gold and this one did not disappoint.

A user saying "RIP that smiling cat emoji! AYYY!"
A user saying "Me thinking this was a baby being birthed, then rewatching and seeing the animal"
A user saying "No that's Emille from Ratatouille"
A user saying "At that point just adopt it"

In an interview with the Hit Network, Taleah explained the context behind the hilarious video, saying that her mum initially ran over to help the baby possum after they saw it being attacked by magpies.

Ah, just another day in Australia — I guess. Be sure to follow Taleah on TikTok, plus, watch the version she uploaded with the original sound (it adds another level of hilarity).


Reply to @irieross84 this is the only video I have hahaha #funny #possumattack #aus #fyp

♬ original sound - taleah