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35 Anime Series Every Fan Should Be Binge-Watching Right Now

Get ready to cancel all your plans.

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Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which anime they would recommend to other fans. Here are some of the best suggestions.

1. Death Note


"I think anyone who loves a good crime or police drama will really take to Death Note. You'll find yourself wondering whether you're rooting for or against the main character." – Sammyam


3. Fullmetal Alchemist


"The art is beautiful, the characters are compelling, and there are very few episodes that fail to invest the viewer. It has mastered the balance between humour and getting you to think about the show's storyline." – Styxlethe

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


"It's such a well-rounded story packed with action, humour, tragedy, tough political climates, romance, racial issues, facing morality and mortality, and a wonderful array of dynamic characters." – nikkif4d443b2c6


7. Fairy Tail


"If you're looking for something uplifting and hilarious but with awesome character development and good battle/fight scenes, then I would recommend Fairy Tail. What they stand for as a guild and how they fight for one another is very inspiring." – bethanye490f56180

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion


"Neon Genesis Evangelion has everything you want in an anime. It has complex characters, gripping action, and it poses deep, philosophical questions, which really make you think." – Ante D Bruning, Facebook

11. Dragon Ball Z

Fuji TV

"Is Dragon Ball Z a little corny and too unbelievable at times? Of course, but it's an essential series if you want to understand and appreciate where most modern action 'shōnen' anime tropes originate from. It's a classic that will never leave you bored." - nikkif4d443b2c6


12. Ouran High School Host Club


"Ouran High School Host Club is upfront about how ridiculous anime can be sometimes, but it still delivers a solid story and characters. I get that not everyone would like how cutesy it can get, especially compared to smash hits like Attack on Titan, but it's definitely a good starting point for anyone who's just curious about anime." – emilyadder

13. Your Lie in April

Fuji TV

"The animation in this show is absolutely stunning. The entire story is incredibly well-done and will captivate your attention all the way until the last episode. This show knows how to pack an emotional punch, so have your tissues ready." –kelsey7012991

15. Cowboy Bebop

TV Tokyo

"Superficially, it's about a couple of space-bounty-hunters and the rag-tag crew they pick up/encounter during their hunting. But really, it's all about being different, moving forward, and confronting problems. It's got a great jazzy soundtrack, slick animation, (especially considering how much animation has evolved since then), and just a great story that leaves you BEGGING for more." – yougomollycoco


23. One Punch Man


"One Punch Man makes fun of most anime tropes, but it also tackles depression which is a common theme with its main character, Saitama. Plus, it's amazingly animated and the story is well done." – f4f45ea60c

24. Maid Sama!


"Even though its main focal point is romance, I think a lot of people could still enjoy the comedy aspect of Maid Sama!. The main character is one badass, hard-working chick who you can't help but respect." – princesskitty2002

30. Cardcaptor Sakura


"Cardcaptor Sakura is lighthearted but still manages to delve into some darker subjects. The theme of love's multitude of forms, both healthy and unhealthy, really take this seemingly childish anime to another level." – eingnn

32. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma


"It's similar to a sports anime in the sense that there's an underdog-type main character that grows stronger the more he challenges people. The only difference is it's about cooking, not sports. You'll have plenty of food-gasms and be hungry after watching." – logicalZebra

34. Princess Jellyfish

Fuji TV

"Everyone should watch Princess Jellyfish. It's about swapping the norm, and showing that nerds are capable of so much more instead of writing themselves off." – Kori Bassi, Facebook.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.