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    15 Women Discuss How They Asked For A Raise At Work

    Lean into better pay.

    Asking for a raise can sometimes be scary.

    1. Be very clear on why you deserve a raise.

    2. Think about things you've done that have added value.

    3. Keep it business – don't make it personal.

    4. Be confident in your skills and your worth.

    5. Work with your colleagues and fight for a fairer deal together.

    6. Value yourself and your contribution.

    7. Get any verbal pay increases in writing.

    8. It's normal to feel uneasy about asking for money.

    9. Sometimes getting a raise just isn't possible.

    10. Look at things from a long-term perspective.

    11. Do your research and talk with unions and colleagues.

    12. Bring materials to convince your boss that you're worth it.

    13. Be realistic about your raise prospects.

    14. Change is good.

    15. Hey, freelancers, it's fine to decline work.

    16. Prioritise assertiveness.

    17. Put together an unbeatable plan.

    18. Find somewhere that understands your worth.