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23 Things That'll Prove 2016 Was Fucking Cruel To The Philippines

Ayan kasi kaka-computer n'yo!

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2. When Mocha Uson became a columnist for Philippine Star.

I just took a nap and woke up to Mocha Uson having a column in our newspaper? WHAT THE FUCK? I just sent my dad thi…


19. When Andi Eigenmann dragged her ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito when he called her a "relevant sham" for using him to promote a movie.

"Relevant sham" said the talentless guy who joined Aldub to stay in the spotlight and campaign for his dad.

Just incase hindi pa obvious, Mr Jake Ejercito, para saiyo lahat yan.


21. This horror.

Tumaob yung truck ng Lydia's Lechon & nakawala mga baboy sa gitna ng SLEX 2016 BES ANO BANG GUSTO MO MANGYARE DI K…

23. And finally, this Twilight-Zone-slash-Black-Mirror-ish mystery of the bag full of hot rice.

Nagnegatibo sa pampasabog ang natagpuang bag. Ang laman pala ng bag ay bagong lutong kanin na umuusok pa. |@_jamesJA

??????? WHAT'S HAPPENING ????????