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    Eleven From "Stranger Things" Visited Manila And Filipino Fans Went Crazy

    Elevens EVERYWHERE.

    So if you guys didn't know, Millie Bobby Brown, or Eleven from Netflix's hit series Stranger Things, met her fans from the Philippines at this year's AsiaPop Comicon!

    Isabelle Laureta / Via BuzzFeed


    She answered some of our questions...

    Isabelle Laureta / Via BuzzFeed

    Took selfies...

    I had an awesome day at #AsiaPopComiconManila #loveallmyynewfriends

    And gave Eleven's classic death stare. All that jazz.

    Isabelle Laureta / Via BuzzFeed

    But fans weren't the only ones in for the best day of their lives. Because Filipinos came prepared.

    Like when Brown saw these guys from the audience, she immediately called them on stage.

    Isabelle Laureta / Via BuzzFeed

    And this was her reaction.

    Isabelle Laureta / Via BuzzFeed

    Obviously, she loved it!

    That's not all. A lot of Filipino fans actually came to the event wearing their best Eleven costumes.

    Complete with her favorite Eggos and all.

    Because this may be the only chance we'll get to meet the real Eleven in the flesh, everyone didn't hold back in doing their best impression of her.

    Including little girls...

    And full-grown men.

    Jose Montes /

    This little girl named Sophie said she shaved her head just for the event because she loves Millie and Eleven so much!

    Freestyle Mommy / Facebook: freestylemommy

    "Sophie cut her hair as a gift for her," her mom said in a Facebook post. "Sophie said that she wanted to feel that she has superpowers, like her idol Eleven."

    But Eleven wasn't the only one who got all the love. Look at this boy who dressed up as our favorite toothless kid Dustin!

    And this lady who's always in-character as Joyce Byers!

    Joyce Reyes

    The whole squad was there, man.

    Because Filipinos are the best fans you will ever have.

    And we love our faves like no other.

    So I guess we can say we aren't ~strangers~ anymore, huh, Millie?

    Isabelle Laureta

    WE LOVE YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

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