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    45 Things That'd Happen If Clark Medina From "On The Wings Of Love" Were Your Boyfriend

    "Haharanahin ka n'ya, sa'n man kayo magpunta."

    1. If Clark Medina were your boyfriend, you would hate each other the first time you meet and both of you will swear you won’t fall in love. But you will.

    2. He would keep denying he loves you at first, but he’d constantly drop signs that he does.

    3. Like renting a car and driving across the city to help you find your mom or fix any personal issue.

    4. Or finding a lucky penny, but instead of wishing for himself, he would wish for yours to come true.

    5. Or being down for a movie marathon but he’d just be watching you the whole time.

    6. Or blowing on your hand to keep you warm when it’s cold.

    7. He would be hesitant to ask you out but he’ll organize a prom just for you.

    8. He would come rescue you when you find yourself in a bad neighborhood, but he’d shrug it off by saying he’s “just doing you a favor.”

    9. In fact, he would protect you from anything. Except cockroaches.

    10. He would be caught off guard and kiss you passionately when you’ve achieved something you’ve been praying for for so long.

    11. And when he finally admits he loves you, he won’t let anything get in the way of your relationship.

    13. He would fight for you even if it means severing his ties with his cousin.

    14. He won’t put any pressure on you, he just wants you to let him love you until you’re ready.

    15. Your dad won’t like him at first (because that’s just how dads are) but he’d prove he’s worthy of you.

    16. And he won’t back down from a drinking session with your dad.

    17. He would even fix the broken cabinets in your house to impress him.

    18. He wouldn’t be raised in the Philippines, but he would court you in a traditional Filipino way.

    19. Like fetching some water for you and your neighbors when the water supply gets cut off.

    20. Or doing the harana just because he’d want to make you feel special.

    21. He would join a pageant for you even if he’s too shy.

    22. And he would win it.

    23. When you finally say yes to him, he’d be so happy he’d cry.

    24. If Clark Medina were your boyfriend, you would wake up to his hot bod because he eats breakfast topless.

    25. He won’t lie or hide anything from you except when he’s planning a surprise.

    26. He would propose to you after just weeks of dating because that’s how much he wants to be with you.

    27. He would learn your dialect for when he meets your relatives in the province.

    28. He would fill in for you when you’re too sick to go to work.

    29. And also fill in for your dad if he’s too sick to go to work.

    30. Your friends and family would love him so much they’d practically want him to live in your house.

    31. He would spend all night to make you the most perfect and personal gifts.

    32. He won’t give you flowers, instead, he would make you a lamp decorated with photos of you.

    33. Or a treasure box where you could put various little memorabilia in. Because you’ll have a lot.

    34. And when it’s your turn to give him a gift, you’d be having the toughest time because whenever you’d ask him what he wants, he’d keep on saying he’s already got everything—referring to you.

    35. He may not have much, but he would try his best to make you feel special.

    36. Like fetching you from work no matter how late it already is.

    37. Or fetching you even if you said he didn’t have to.

    38. He would stand by the fitting room while you try out dresses to help you pick out the best outfit.

    39. He won’t only allow you to have strippers for your bridal shower, he’d COME AS THE STRIPPER HIMSELF.

    40. He would always believe in you and your talents even when you’re having the worst day at work.

    41. He may not always agree with your career decisions, but he would always be willing to compromise.

    42. And he would do everything just so you wouldn’t have to be apart.

    43. He would get off a plane just to get back together with you.

    44. If Clark were your boyfriend, you would always feel loved, protected, secured.

    45. Actually, if Clark were your boyfriend, he’d be perfect and you wouldn’t ask for more and the fact that he’s a fictional character would kill you every single day.