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    28 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Visit The Philippines

    So gross. Kadiri kaya.

    1. Don't believe anyone who tells you Philippines is a great place to visit. It's a lie.

    2. A big, fat, ugly-ass lie.

    3. Take a look at this horrible, highly misshapen volcano.

    4. Even close up, it's still mediocre as hell.

    5. And this lake?! Who would ever want to see this rotten view?!

    6. Seriously? The Philippines? You can do so much better.

    7. Who actually thought planting rice on terraces was a good idea?

    8. It's not like the beaches are any better.

    9. Just look at this shit.

    10. I'm pretty damn sure NO ONE IN THE WORLD would consider this a wonder of nature.

    11. This beach needs at least nine Instagram filters to look decent.

    12. And this lagoon? More like la-GONE.

    13. YUCK.

    14. Who would want to wake up to this view outside their window? NOT ME.

    15. Plus, the streets are soooooo out of date. Ang baduy!

    Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

    16. And it's even more disgusting at night.

    Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

    17. A museum in the middle of the mountains. How original.

    18. And the food?! BLECH.

    19. Gordon Ramsay would be so pissed.

    20. Not appetizing AT ALL.

    21. The people aren't really that friendly, too. SMH.

    22. And the natural wildlife is a big letdown.

    23. Just what the hell is this?!

    24. Also, their so-called "festivals" are such a pain to look at.

    25. Ugh.

    26. See? The place is such a mess, the sun is like, "LOL BYE."

    27. So please do yourself a favor...

    28. And never EVER visit the Philippines.